standard About Shahid Afridi’s Wife She is His Maternal Cousin, Nadia And Children

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Shahid Afridi Family Pics and Videos:

Nadia Afridi, She is very private person, no appearance on media. For Nadia Afridi, Interviews are strictly banned probably by Boom Boom Afridi. You can find some pictures of Afridi wife in Hijab online. Allah bless her with more hijab and hiya and every Pakistani Women too.

Here is the Exclusive Shahid Afridi Family Picture


Afridi’s Wife Nadia Afridi Picture

Afridi’s Wife Nadia Afridi HD Video


The Exclusive Shahid Afridi Family Video, You can see Shahid Afridi coming in this video towards his wife in Hijab. You can see Afridi’s Wife in HD Video.

“Boom Boom Afridi” yes the name the “Pathan” of Pakistan – Shahid Khan Afridi. Being a Pakistani, I love Shahid Khan Afridi due to his game, talent and passion.

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