standard HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Driver Download

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HP 1000 is the laptop offered by Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

The HP laptop is i3 based laptop, that is versatile and user friendly.


HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Driver Download

HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Graphics Driver 

SP56671Graphics Driver window7
(Zip File)

HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Network (LAN) Driver  
SP56680 Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver window7
 (Zip File) 

HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Chipset 64 bit Driver 
SP56670 chipset 64 bit Driver window 7 
 (Zip File) 

HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Card Reader Driver 
SP56678Realtek Card Reader Driver window 7 
 (Zip File) 

TouchPad Driver  
SP56681TouchPad Driver window7 
(Rar File) 

Wireless LAN Adapter Driver 
SP57538 Wireless LAN Adapter Driver window7
(Zip File) 

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver 
SP57965 Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver for Microsoft Windows 7 
(Rar File)

 HP UEFI Support Environment VERSION Driver
 sp57924 HP UEFI Support Environment VERSION
(Zip File) 

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  • waqar

    nice sharing bro

  • Fahad

    Thank you bro! you just save my whole day!
    Very Nice Up

  • zulfiqar ali

    thanks, it really helped.

  • haider

    Thanks bro

  • how can i get vedio driver for hp1000 32 bit ?
    plz suggest me laptop is not working well,

  • thanks for assistance Jizak Allah

  • Raheel

    My laptop’s brightness button are not working .. what to do?

    • The Shahzad

      Get your laptop checked with hardware engineer.

  • abdullah

    hp core i3 drivers

  • mishi

    my laptop is not playing videos in good quality(it shows videos in very bad quality) and secondly it is not detecting any usb device (external harddrive)…. can u please help

  • hassan

    great information share brother…. may allah give you reward

  • Zahid

    Thanks for providing us drivers. You have done a wonderful job. Keep it up bro;

  • salman butt

    bro can you help me with window 7 installation and also which is compatible 32bit or 64bit need to know how to install window in this machine i have installed window in it but the problem is there is no option for fdisk and the previous window is still in it how to remove bro i think u got my problem thanks in advance

    • usman

      when u on laptop just press f9 laptop show u 4 options and pic cd or dvd option than follow options

  • gendu

    Thanks ..

    Terima kasih banyak

  • Mashal

    i really want to say thank you brother Allah ap ko jannat dai di

  • Muhammad Adeel

    My laptop’s Wifi button are not working .. what to do?

  • can i upgrade my laptop ram to4gb

    • The Shahzad

      Yes HP 1000 Support 4GB RAM

      • Anonymous

        and my laptops half screen is also not working in good conditions

  • Adil khan

    Thank u very much it works very easily

  • shahar bano

    my wifi button is not working

  • Anonymous

    my hp 1000 wifi range is so weak plz solve this problem

  • Anonymous

    Thak you very very much.