standard No Objection Certificate – Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL)

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No Objection Certificate



(Mr./Mrs. ___________________(S.O/W.O). _____________________ Solemnly affirm that is am the owner of H.N.O __________ St. No. __________ Mohallah ____________ City _________________________________

I hereby solemnly affirm and declare that


(Mr./Mrs) ________________ (S.O/W.O) ______________ H. No. ______ St. No._____ Mohallah _________________(City. ____________ is my neighbourer.

I have no objection if (Mr./Mrs.) ____________________ (S.O/W.O) _______________ arranges Sui Gas Piping/Sui Gas Meter along my property wall.

I have agree/ authorize (Mr./Mrs.) _____________________ (S.O/W.O) _____________ to install his houseline / Metter alongwith my property wall.

I shall not claim any charges / damages at present or in future or enter into litigation at any stages.

N.O.C so granted shall not be cancelled be me at any stage.



N.I.C. No. _____________________


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