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Wasim Akram (The Pakistani paceman) is engaged to marry Melbourne woman Shaniera Thompson. The famed left-arm bowler, 47, proposed on bended knee in their lounge room to Shaniera Thompson, 30.

“It was the romantic moment of my life because it was so genuine,” she said.

 A former public relations consultant from Brighton, Shaniera Thompson has converted to Islam, and will call Pakistan home. She said Akram was nervous about proposing in the traditional way.

“He was really sweet about it.

He asked me what my dream proposal would be and I said I’m not the type of woman that likes a big scene. I would want it to be at home or somewhere private.

“Then I came into the lounge room and he was on his knee and asked me if I’d marry him.”

But the joyful mood was soon broken by a worried look on Shaniera Thompson’s face.

We Wish All the Best to King of Swing

Wasim Akram’s New Wife Shaniera Thompson

Wasim Akram's New Wife Shaniera Thompson


Wasim Akram further told about her new marriage life

“I never thought I would get married again, but I am lucky and very happy to find love again,” Wasim Akram  said.

“It just goes to show that life can give you a second chance.”

Akram’s first wife, Huma, died in 2009. They had two boys, now aged 15 and 12

Wasim Akram New Marriage

Wasim Akram New Marriage

Wasim Akram New Marriage

Wasim Akram’s New Wife Picture:

Shaniera Thompson Picture

Shaniera Thompson Picture




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