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I am blogging from five years. For me Blogging is the learning process, the continuous learning process. You learn as you grow and you grow your blog by learning. There are certain common things that will work for you and me. There are mutual things in blogging. I think my blog is pretty much successful blog and yet I continue to grow. You can write notes during my training sessions. I am going to take to a journey (Blogging for Money) in which you will learn a lot and earn a lot.

Do it because you love it.

To stand out in blogging is to blog about the components you love to play or do in your life. Reflex your thoughts in your blogs. Blog is imitation of your thoughts, think about it. See yourself in mirror, jump about, think about yourself, and think about the things you love? Like are you social bee? Which social network you like most?

Your Passion will drive you.

What is your passion? Think about your passion. What is your motivation towards blogging? What you think about most of time from head to toe. What kind of clothes suits best for you in your life? So your passion will be your niche. A niche is the topic that you choose to blog about. Are you blogging for money? Don’t think about the senseless things.

Choose Your Blogging Platform Wisely.

You should choose WordPress as an independent blogging platform for the professional blogging. Both Blogger and WordPress Platform are good for blogging, but standalone *Owned Domain WordPress Installation* is the best and I prefer it.

Popular Blogging Myths

Search for the search term then write about it. False

Write about the things you love, Just search for best niche that you like. Then go for it. Don’t look at the competition and forget about CPC (Cost Per Click). Just go for that you affection, tell readers about yourself, your inspiration and your thoughts. For example Hemorrhoids / Mesothelioma was having higher CPC in year 2012. Right now they don’t have the big CPC like it was in year 2012 (around $32 per click for the traffic from USA).


SEO is Hard. I don’t like SEO

I know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very detailed topic. No one can master it completely as search engines change their policies (how they crawl the web). Secondly, search results vary from country to country. It is really a tough job to rank your website for USA traffic while working online from Pakistan. You have to be a Legit Blogger. However you can rank and monetize your website in Pakistan very easily. Choose a domain, start a blog and earn a lot. In this course you will learn how you can rank your website. You will learn a quite lot about blogging during this course.

Search Engines are Cruel. No… they are not

Some of you might think that search engines are cruel they don’t rank your website well. No, this is wrong. Search engines use several algorithm to rank websites in their database. If you are unable to rank your website in search engine then it means you are not thinking like a search engine. To get good position in search engine you should think like the search engine think. You should see your website as search engine see your website. Search engines like text not the images.

It all about being Smart

Blogging is not about working hard, sitting on all day computer, writing your thoughts, and making articles. Blogging is about working smart, writing smart and Earn a lot from blogging.

The key to success in blogging is
 Professionalism, Creativity, Knowledge Passion

This was a brief introduction about blogging, I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you have any questions and queries about blogging, feel free to write to me via comments, I am always here to help you.

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