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Earn money online now is the growing earning culture and common word on some banner that you have probably read on many sites. But no one is ready to tell you how to earn online for free in an easy way. You have to learn it by yourself with me. Making more money with blogging involves several processes that are not limited to article writing, back linking, SEO, keywords research. After several updates of Google search algorithms SEO has become manual. You have to do SEO manually. No automation at all, all Search Engine Optimization should be manual. Google likes manual SEO.

How to Spend a Wonderful Lifestyle with Blogging.

Many bloggers are earning good amount of money by blogging. Their blogging earning are in three figures. These professional constantly updated their content and wrote a lot about their niches. Consistently is the key to success. They have mastered their skills, skills that are essential for blogging. You can master these skills too. Just open your mind try to think globally, brainstorm and think what you can do. Once you master yourself I assure you, you earn a lot and spend a wonderful life.

First step towards blogging is to find your niche. Niche is the market you are going to enter. You and only you is the person who can answer this question. No blogging professional can tell you that you should choose this or that niche. Only and only you can describe your interests and choose the niche. Your life, your thoughts and your power to write can help you to judge the niches. Find a Niche, Get Google Adsense Training In Urdu, Launch a Blog, Earn a Lot.


I by myself write about several niches. I can write articles about almost all the niches. You should not follow this practice. Because you will not be able to turn your visitors into readers. I write about random niches but in particular blog. I have the blogs about these niches. I write on these blogs constantly. It gave me a lot of experience about these niche markets. You can do that do if you are experienced blogger. When I say experienced blogger then it means you are blogging more than five years and have at least two successful blogs. These blogs should have good earnings before you jump in to other niches. You should write and only write about the niche you are interested in. You should be also able to write in your niche for at least two/three years. Three years is enough Time to build a blog that gives you constant earnings for the life time.

Why I like Blogging, Blogging for Money.

Basically, I am the person who loves teaching. I am a good teacher of information technology and I love teaching. I love to work on the new things and do the new experiments. I teach others from the experiences I have got in my life. As this blog is expression of my personal work and the skills I have mastered in my life. So I like teaching I love experiment is that enough for myself to start a new blog. No absolutely not. The passion behind my other blogs to make money. Only to make money online. To earn online and to do something good for my family. My father was a business men. He had done several businesses to earn money but couldn’t adjust me in any of his businesses. Why because I want freedom, freedom to live my life by my own style. I can’t sit on the showroom to wait for the customers to come in. I can’t do government or private job because it put yourself in the cage and you are bounded. I hate limitations, boundaries and do something extraordinary. The same you can do. Because you are more energetic than me. I always wanted to be extraordinary. I know I am now. At least I make money while I am sleeping on my luxurious bed. I make money while watching movies. I have my blogs as my seeded plants that gives me fruit of money constantly. You can do that do. All you need is to master yourself and take action accordingly.

What is the secret blogging success formula ?

The secret of a successful blog lies in the blogger mind. The principles for a successful blog are

  1. Write constantly (even once a week)
  2. Stay updates with trends of your niche.
  3. Create quality backlinks.
  4. Include videos in your posts. Face video or voice over both are same.
  5. Be social. Search engines like social links.

These are my blogging success secrets that I have shared with. I love to listen comments from you. Please share your thoughts & ideas with me. I am here to guide you always.

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