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Blogging For Money

Blogging in Pakistan is not new to many internet users in Pakistan. However blogging for money is the new trend in Pakistan. Many professional bloggers in Pakistan are earning money online. Bloggers from Pakistan earn money in dollars and in good figures. Here is a brief overview of some blogs that earn money in Pakistan.

Propakistani.PK is the blog by a tech writer Mr. Aamir Ata that earn a handsome amount around 5000 to 10000 USD per month. This is the blog that covers technology and telecom news. Propakistani.PK also has a team of blog writers that write about mobile phones, telecom and communication industry news. Propakistani.PK is monetized by Google Adsense. is the Pakistani entertainment and music blog that has tons of pots about Pakistani Lollywood film industry, talk shows, and drama recordings. has a million of visitors from the Pakistan and thousands of visitors around the globe. Definitely Pakistanis living abroad has facility to watch Pakistani dramas and read Lollywood industry news at this blog. has estimated earnings are 15,000 to 20,000 USD per month. I am sure to say that Pakium guys have studio type of blogging room that has video converting, recording and publishing facility to record interesting on-air shows. They are doing the “great job” by earning money online from copyrighted material. is another Pakistani entertainment blog that provides Lollywood gossip and other entertainment stuff. Showbozspice has been facing copyright infringement last year and got banned but now online again in on air. Estimated earnings of the said website is 2,000 USD to 5,000 USD.

How these websites earn online?

The answer is very simple. How the TV channels earn online? Ads, Ads, and Ads. Yes, definitely from advertisements same case is with blogs. These blogs earn money online from advertisements provided by some monetizing companions. You can find PPC (pay per click) for your website at these popular sites:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Chitika
  3. Clicksor
  4. BidVertiser

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the program that displays advertising based on the visitor’s interest. For example a user searches the term “Gents Parlors in Karachi” the user/visitor will get the results based on the keyword/search term “Gents Parlor in Karachi”. If your blog/website has the following keyword in the content and your blog/website is SEO optimized then there is most chance that user visit the webpage of your website. When a visitor visits your website the Google AdSense displays advertising relevant to the search term. When the visitor clicks on the weblink shown in the advertising you are paid according to the cost per click of that keyword. This is how earning online ne works. Same case is with other advertising networks.


Why I prefer online earning over the traditional earnings?

This is the wide-ranging question that many new bloggers ask from me. Each type of earning has its pros and cons. Blogging for money has many advantages over the traditional earnings. For instance, blogs have less hassle to manage. Blogs require less management compared to traditional business. Blogs has low hosting fee if we compare them with rent, taxes, staff expenses etc. I have done both businesses in my life traditional shop and blogging. I have been blogging since 6 years and in business since same period of time. In my experience blogging for money is far more suitable than running or doing government job or owning any shop. I have quit my shop and become a full time blogger in 2013. Since May, 2013 I never planned to start any business again. Blogging and Forex are my passion and earnings. I know there are a lot of “online ustads” those claims to teach you much online earning stuff. You will visit their entire site but in the end you will have nothing in your hands. Reason, one reason only that is lack of entrepreneurship. You should learn about entrepreneurship first before deciding to start a blog. Then learn about SEO, Blogging for Money, Make Money Online.

Where to start Blogging – How to start Blogging?

I recommend WordPress as a blogging platform for new and professional bloggers. I like blogger only because SEO. You don’t have to work hard for SEO. Google connects with your blog and rank you automatically in search engine. Since Google is concerned about blogger that’s why you get ranked in Google easily. However blogger only offer 1GB space which is less for a professional blogger and blogger have bandwidth limit too. Blogger will not provide you any FTP. You have to survive without special plugins and Custom Themes. So, in my opinion WordPress is better than Blogger if you have plans to adopt full time blogging as your profession.

What to Blog and Who can Blog?

Answer is anyone. Anyone who can read and write English can blog and earn money online. There is no hidden myth to make a successful blog. Just you need to

  1. Find the niche (Niche is the area of interest i.e fashion, photography, news etc).
  2. Choose Blogging Platform (WordPress or Blogger).
  3. Register a Domain Name.
  4. Start writing about the things you love.
  5. Target keywords and link with other blogs.
  6. Give blogging at least three months.
  7. Take your blog to at least 100 quality post.

If you follow these rules you will earn a handsome amount from your blog. Believe me there are hundreds of Pakistani bloggers that earn online. If they can earn online, you can earn online too. I wish you a happy blogging experience. If you have any questions please ask me via comments.

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  1. Hi there i want to start blogging and need guidance in this matter.If its feasible can you provide your contact number.


  2. Hi if i start this one , how can i do and what is the terms for opening an account for blog and earn money , and any charges for registration or its free of cost please let me explain or advice

    1. Only domain and hosting costs little bit charges(NOT SO MUCH)….. And the rest is free…. just do research and you will inshaAllah start earning…. Good luck…

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