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Everyone love writing the comprehensive article but some of professional writer only knows how to write and when to write. You can be a professional content writer if you follow these simple article writing tips.

Article Writing Tip No 1 – Start from Starch

When you are in mood of article writing start from starch, then muster up your mind and focus on something that is worth to write. You can be a professional writer if you can control your mind. A best article writer is the person who knows about the mind of the article reader and knows how to imprint the reader’s mind with his words.

Article Writing Tip No 2 – Research, Research and a Lot of Knowledge

Grip on your niche/topic makes you a professional write. Make sure that you have the extensive knowledge about the topic you are writing about. If you don’t know about the medical then you should not try to write about the medical (Save this niche for the doctors). Let’s say if you a gardening expert at your home, you can easily write about home gardening not about the plant genetics.

Article Writing Tip No 3 – Introduce Yourself in the article

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Introducing yourself in the article is in good practices of the professional writers. If you are a professional in something then write your brief introduction in the article and then go along with the topic.

Article Writing Tip No 4 – From Basic to Professional

If you love to teach other people by your article then you should start your article with the basics of the topic (amateur level) then go to professional level by giving real life examples. This is the best way to capture reader’s mind and teach them. If you start from the professional level, reader will not be able to understand “what you are trying to deliver in your article” and soon after they will be bored.

Article Writing Tip No 5 – Be Comprehensive and Short

You should know that online readers are always in hurry they want the “main part” and cut the crap from the rest of the article. No one wants to read the crap. So be comprehensive and short like you are writing a summery or something like that.

Article Writing Tip No 6 – Proof read it ….. Again, Yes Again

When you finish you article, please proof read it. Readers don’t want to read the misspelled article with the grammatical errors. Readers want the fresh content that if error free and full of information. So, proof read the article twice or thrice.

I hope you like these tips, see you in my next article writing tips article.

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  1. As you explained different types of tips. If I follow these tips whether I can write a good article?

    1. A Good article is the set of many things. You need to have article writing experience and must have knowledge about the niche you are going into.

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