standard Questioning Techniques On The Achievement Of Students At Secondary Level

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The triangular process of classroom environment affects the achievement of students at secondary level. The segments of this triangular process are teacher, teaching and learning. Learning is concept formation. Achievement is the result of the triangular process of the classroom. Pedagogical strategies are frequently used in teaching to accelerate learning process.

        The teachers use a number of techniques for this purpose. Demonstration method, lecture method, heuristic method, discussion method, activity method, project method, problem-solving method etc, are used for effective learning and achievement of the students. Questioning technique has been used since long for the comprehension purposes. Questions are of many kinds such as objective type questions, completion items usages, comprehension questions etc.

        Teachers often use this technique during their teaching and at the end of lesson. Previous knowledge is tested through this technique. Partial evaluation is done through this technique. This technique is also in recapitulation. Nearly half of the knowledge is gained through questioning. In model lessons delivered on stories comprise questions from A to Z completely.

        Most of the researches have been conducted on the usage of teaching – learning strategies and their effectiveness on the achievement of students.

        These researches reveal only the general aspects of the techniques but the particular study to determine the effectiveness of any one of them has not been so far launched by any researcher in the discipline of education. The researcher, therefore, selected this topic in order to determine the degree of effect of questioning techniques regarding the achievement of students at secondary level.

1.1    Statement of the problem 

This study was designed to investigate “ A study to evaluate the effect of Questioning Techniques On The Achievement Of Students At Secondary Level”


1.2         Statement of the study

  1. It is expected that the study would be beneficial for the students in developing their tendency to ask questions.
  2. It can be helpful for the teacher to improve their questioning techniques.
  3. It is expected that the study will be valuable for the examiners and evaluators in assessing the effectiveness of questioning techniques relating to achievement of students at secondary level.
  4. The administrators may emphasize the use of questioning techniques in their institutions.
  5. Textbook boards may provide content oriented exercises based on questioning techniques.
  6. Policy makers may suggest new teaching learning strategies for the improvement of teaching–learning process.
  7. Curriculum developers may revise the current curricula in the perspective of modern techniques.
  8. Government may hire services of experts for the implementation of modern techniques in educational institutions for better academic achievement on the part of students.

1.3         Objectives of the study

The study has the following objectives.

  1. To find out the effect of questioning techniques on the achievement of students at secondary level.
  2. To find out deficiencies of questioning techniques in the achievement perspective.
  3. To suggest measures for the improvement of questioning techniques at secondary level.
  4. To provide a base for the future researchers in the field of teaching learning strategies.

1.4         Hypotheses

  1. Questioning techniques have positive impact on the achievement of students at secondary level.
  2. Questioning techniques have negative impact on the achievement of students at secondary level.

1.5         Limitations of the study

It would have been in the best interest of the future researchers if the study had been conducted countrywide. But the researcher could not do so due to some practical difficulties like having less time and fewer resources

1.6         Delimitation of the study

The research was confined to randomly selected ten-government girls and boys high school.


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