standard Scandals in Pakistan: Lack Of Fraud Management In Pakistan-Google Adsense Fraud Management

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Today I am going to write a short post about the Adsense scams and Scandals in Pakistan. Some days ago there were some pyramid schemes like BiznaS were rumoring around then there was “gold mine business” after that we heard of “Forex Funda”, learn forex and dominate stock market.

All these schemes were about doubling or tripling the victim’s money. We can’t control or manage the frauds without proper fraud management policy.

Now these “tricky folks” have new target “Our Young Generation” that is already working too much hard for career development, to learn blogging, Adsense and other affiliate marketing. Being blogger since six years I have concluded to this point that CPC values for Adsense in Pakistan are too low, So affiliate marketing is the easy and best to earn rather than Google adsense. So, new comers should not spend too much for blogging and Adsense is not get rich quick game. I met with some of the tricky folks of Adsense Khazana, Adsense Gold etc. there are none just to take money from our young nation, give them some Adsense tips and get “Rafu Chakkar”. There is no fraud management and fraud management system to stop these kinds of frauds.


Here is the examples:

The Above ad reminds me of those days, when internet cafe owner charge Rs. 500 for email account. Before giving them then money think about a little bit “how adsense works” “who will put/add money in your adsense account”.

The second thing is that our government should take legal steps to stop such kind of Adsense trainings or frauds. Google Adsense can be a good source of income if used properly. I will keep posting Google Adsense tips and guides in Urdu regularly to help Pakistan’s young generation. So that our young generation can get right direction for their Adsense learning and keep away from these frauds.


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