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Profitable Forex Trading System In Pakistan

A good trader is the person that can take his trades in the profit as well as cover up his losses. The system I am going to share with you is the very profitable Forex Trading system that can double your Forex account in a month. The system is based on the Three most powerful and tested indicators,

Meta Trader Indicators:

Stochastic Indicator with settings of: 28,3,5
Stochastic Indicator with settings of: 14,1,1
RSI Indicator with settings of: 5
Color Stoc Indicator with settings of: 9,3,3
Bollinger Band to know the volatility of the market: 20, 2.2
I trade two or three times in a day, I have the same metatrader installed on my Huawei G610S with account of PAXForex and InstaForex.

Forex Trading in Urdu

Forex Trading in Urdu

Rules are same as you read in my previous post about Profitable Fore Trading System:

Buy Rules:

1.    Price touched lower Bollinger Band.
2.    RSI below 25.
3.    Color Stoch is red and below 20
4.    Stochastic 28,3,5 and Stochastic 14,1,1 are below 20.
Take Profit +20 PIPS.

Sell Rules:

1.    Price touched upper Bollinger Band.
2.    RSI above 80.
3.    Color Stoch is green and above 80-90
4.    Stochastic 28,3,5 and Stochastic 14,1,1 are above 80-90.
Take Profit +20 PIPS.
I take daily profit of 100 to 150 pips only and I trade two or three times in a day.

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