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Road Rash Game is a video game that is available on every popular CD store. The game sounds, gaming graphics are interesting and catchy.

Road Rash 2002 also allows you to play road rash game online. There are many online sites that provides road rash 2002 free download. No doubt road rash bike game is best game.

Today I want to share Road Rash Cheats with you.

Road Rush Free Download

Road Rush Cheats

When you start playing Road Rash game Type “xyzzy” during game play to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following cheats during game play.

Cheat                          Result
YES,OCCIFER          –     Kill the cop
DRIBE                         –     Kill the cop (again!?)
xyzzy                          –     activate cheatcodes
thwack!                      –     get chain
k’thunk!                     –     get club
spoon!                       –     nitro boost
THWACK!                –     You get a chain
pioneer                    –     high speed
drip!drip!                –     Oil
plugh                        –     Disable cheats
klave                         –     this code will get a gun
bribe                         –     Bribe police
xyzzxyspoonshift+1    –    nitroboost appears

(While driving type xyzyxspoon and then press shift button and 1 at once you will get nitro boost in your bike and when you press n your bike will go faster.)


Mixed Road Rash Game Cheats.

  • How to remove cars in the Road Rash.
  • Open the game directory (Find the folder named “DATA”. In the Data folder Find the folder named “CARS” and rename it to anything else like “BUSES”) or any other name. Then no more vehicles except bikes will be in the game.
  • During play press “CHAIN” and you will see the bike run on top speed.
  • When you are playing Road Rash In BIG MODE, play Napa Valley for 40 times
    for $40,000.
  • While playing the game, if you click numpad8+numlock+backspace,your bike will accelerate automatically.
  • Automatically Spin tour chain
    When you type thwack! or k’thunk!at the time of pressing shift+1 immediately press
    your hand button .your biker will continuously spinning tour chain or club or hand.
  • Road Rash HexCheat
  • Open with hex “ROADRASH.EXE” find first walue “B10C” cheange it to “FFFF FFFF”
    and save it as “aa.exe” Use aa.exe to run the game. Go to “Big Game Mode” and
    take Axle charakter. When you take Axle go to Shop with motorbikes and go to
    the “Super Bikes”. You will see you have 2147483847$. You may have buy “DIABLO”.
  • If you will type this cheat your bike will change to bullock cart:- xyzzyzoomroad
  • Activate Over kill mode In Road Rash Game
  • During the game, press “xyzzy” to get access cheats. Then any time you want type in
    “overkill” and you will have killing mode on.
  • Always accelerate without the UP arrow In Road Rash
  • This is not actually a cheat. I discovered into it by accident. At least it worked on my system. Always accelerate without the UP arrow, go to Restroom -> Configure input -> Accelerate -> press enter key. Instead of the up arrow we get to see the word ‘Clear’. Select done, load your game and voila you start running away without doing anything.

My best found trick is a bit difficult but tries it, it is the best!

When you press xyzzy spoon shift+1 u get the nitrous bar. When u press n (or whatever is
your nitrous key) after a ball has disappeared quickly in the meantime until it gets time
to reset, press spoon shift+1. Continue doing this and your bike speed will be unimaginable!

I wish you guys a happy racing experience.

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