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Google Adsense Training In Urdu:

Google Adsense is the legit Online earning program by Google Adsense. Google Adsense can a reliable source of income for students and blogger, If adopted as the profession and Google Adsense policies are adhered. In Pakistani “online” market many people are trading or selling the Google Adsense account that is illegal. LearnPakistan.Com always discouraged such trade and Google Adsense Arbitrage.

What Is Google Panda Update:

Recently Google Panda Update, blocked many Pakistani Google Adsense accounts, Google itself is totally unbiased company. Its decisions are totally natural, done by team of professional. Do you know Google doesn’t block Adsense account in Pakistan for Pakistani Google Adsense publishers at once? There were some motives towards flagging many Pakistani Adsense accounts as the suspicious account. Do you what make Google Think about to do so?

Placing More Ads on a single page:

The Ad units has limit rule of 1-2-3, however professional bloggers limit the ad units to one. YES, one ad unit per page. CTR above than 10% make Google Adsense Publisher’s monitoring team’s ear erect and that let’s you flag you as suspicious account. You should remember it is not CTR (click through rate) that increase your earnings it is your content and page rank that increase your earnings. So, never play with ad units wrong. Treat them like guests on your blog corners, sidebars down below the posts.

What are MFA Website and how they violate Google Adsense Policy?

Google Adwords program assures their advertiser to provide them a good ROI (Return on Investment). Since the sites that are made for Adsense Earning has lesser content, copied and pasted content and has no relation with E-commerce structure hence no buying and advertiser’s money goes to vain. This is why Using Websites Made for Adsense are against Google Policies. A Lot of Pakistani forums, blogs and Facebook ads are selling such website. These made for Adsense sites are of no use. They are waste of time. So please keep yourself away from these websites.

Auto updated Blogs and Websites:

Auto Updated websites and blogs basically used content syndication via RSS feeds. Various internet firms provide Blog Syndication, video syndication, and online syndication through Blogs on Demand. When you are syndicating the content from the blog without author’s permission, you are steeling the content and committing the copyright infringement. Many sellers are selling these auto blogs and updated in price of Rs. 1000 to 2500, in the start the buyer purchase auto updated content and website/blog. The seller advertise his MFA on Google Adwords with a link like this, People come to the auto updated blog and visit the Google Adsense Advertisements. The buyer think that auto generated content “the ultimate money making machine” has been made. But all of sudden at the time of payout everything goes in vain. The Google Adsense team blocks the Adsense account. Can you believe that when Google Adsense team sees this they are going to believe it that this is the human made content.

Never Buy Google Adsense Account that is for Sale.


Why Google Ban Adsense Accounts In Pakistan:

After a few short time these people are seen in forums complaining

  •  Ah! Adsense disabled my account
  • What to Do my Adsense account is disabled
  • Adsense deleted my account
  • How to get new Adsense account fast
  • Get Adsense account fast In Pakistan
  • Problem! Your Google Adsense account is awaiting approval.
  • I need Adsense account
  • I want to buy Google Adsense account
  • I want Adsense account
  • Adsense account disabled

Google is totally unbiased Company. The above all are the cries of the victims of MFAs and auto updated blog. Sooner or later they understand the fact that Adsense is not money making machine; it is the internet marketing firm.

Remember: Writing the valuable content is the key to success.

Google Arbitrage illegal so avoid it:

Google Arbitrage is the process in which a person buys low paying keywords from (Rs. 5-9) and then advertise on Google Adwords via these keywords, takes the traffic to his webpage that focus high paying keywords, hence creating a condition like buying low and selling high. Google Arbitrage is against Google Terms and Policies. So be careful.


Best way to follow Google Adsense Policies:

Never say some one to click on your ads.

  • Don’t log on to your Google Adsense account so often. Long only when you need western union MTCN or cheque information.
  • Never blend your Adsense code with your images.
  • Never Use Adsense Code in your Adsense Newsletter.
  • Most of the Pakistani Publisher uses this technique to earn from Google Adsense.
  • They create a funny email with some fun pictures.
  • Blend that image with Google Adsense Code.
  • Put horizontal Ad Unit to gain maximum clicks.
  • Never Buy Google Adsense Account that is for Sale.

Google Adsense research is too smart to know all these tricks. So, Don’t use these trick, always play fair.

Remember Google Adsense can be best online earning source for student and our youngsters, students and webmaster have great potential to Earn Money With Google Adsense.

I hope you have got enough information about the Google Adsense and blogging. In the next article I will be with you with more detailed information about the Google Adsense.

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Get Google Adsense Tips In Urdu Learn Google Adsense In Urdu:


Get Google Adsense Tips In Urdu Learn Google Adsense In Urdu

Get Google Adsense Tips In Urdu Learn Google Adsense In Urdu


Protect Google Adsense Account In Urdu:

Protect Google Adsense Account In Urdu

Protect Google Adsense Account In Urdu


Easy Google Adsense Training In Urdu:

Easy Google Adsense Training In Urdu

Easy Google Adsense Training In Urdu


Tips to Save Your Google Adsense Account:

Tips to Save Your Google Adsense Account In Urdu In Pakistan

Tips to Save Your Google Adsense Account In Urdu In Pakistan




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  1. mera adsense ka account activ nahi ho raha hai plzzzzzz koi halp kary
    If your application was not accepted due to issues with your website, please make sure that you have resolved them before resubmitting.

  2. bahe adsense pr fast earning ka koi tareeqa ha to btae plzzz ma daily 1 $ ya is sy b kam earn kr rha hu js ka mujhy koi faida nhe hu rha or adsense ka account bar bar open krny sy koi problem to nhe hute or Page CTR kya huta ha is ka function kya ha

  3. thanx brother itni information dene ke liye maine abi new ads acc banaya hai meri apni koi website nahi hy aur abi tk maine koi add nahi laga google ads per app muje koi video bana kar de sakte hain k is per kam kis trah se karna hai meri main app ka bohat shuker guzar hon ga thnx again

  4. bhai men apni site par adsense account use karna chahta hun, meri site par video courses hn jo mene khud bnaen hn, kya videos rkhna adsense rules ka khilaf ha?

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