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What is Blogging ?

Blogging means to write articles, informative posts about the topics you like. Most of the webmaster adopts blogging as the profession hence called “make money blogging”. The blogging itself is an enjoyable task that provides money as well.

I by myself is a full time blogger that blog about technology and health.

Blogging in Urdu:

In this SEO training course will guide you from starting your blog to make it your World Wide Web worth. Your blog can be source of income for you. In terms of SEO search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (Previously MSN) prefer blog’s content rather than website’s content to enlist content in their database.

Creating a sitemap for WordPress Blog:

Creating a sitemap for Self Hosted WordPress Blog can be an easy task. You can create sitemaps by using additional plug-in like All in one SEO Sitemap many others.



If you can afford go for WordPress self hosted blog, else if you can’t afford then you can choose blogger. Blogger is the best blogging platform to choose. Google likes your content if you prefer to use blogspot.

I will teach you SEO and WordPress, so that you can make your journey easy.


Blogger In Urdu:

Blogging in Urdu

Blogging in Urdu


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