standard Health Benefits Of Figs – Anjeer K Faide – Blood Pressure Treatment

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Fig (Anjeer) is the natural fruit that is used as the support for cure and good for respiratory system. It may treat many of the respiratory problems like ashtama, cough, and sometime it is used to treat cardiac ashthmia.

Health Benefits Of Figs

Health Benefits Of Figs

Health Benefits Of Figs

  • Fig grows on Ficus tree (Ficus carica)
  • Health Benefits of Fig (Anjeer ka Faide)
  • Fig (Anjeer) benefits for the patients of High Blood Pressure, and reduce blood pressure hence resulting in the patients with cardiac disease. A 50 grams of Fig (Anjeer) contains 3.3% potassium that helps in reducing blood pressure. Fig (Anjeer) lower levels of triglycerides too.
  • Fig (Anjeer) helps you to lose weight as it is best source of natural fiber.
  • Since Fig(Anjeer) has high fiber it also helps to protect from Postmenopausal Breast Cancer.
  • One to Three grams of Fig (Anjeer) helps you to fight with hemorrhoids and reduce constipation.
  • Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is the common cause of poor vision and eye sight problems in adults
  • One can get clear and shinny skin by eating 3 grams of Fig (Anjeer) daily due to its water absorbent properties.
  • Fig (Anjeer) is very useful in reducing male impotency like if erectile dysfunction and other erectile related disease. Soak 6 figs in warm milk at night and consume in the morning will help you to increase vitality. Some studies have shown that Fig (Anjeer) helps to increase the sperm count. Fig (Anjeer) stops premature ejaculation and thicken the men’s secretions.
  • Fig (Anjeer) Benefits in the eradication of kidney stones. Use 5-6 Anjeer daily to reduce calcification in kidney and removal of kidney stone naturally.
  • According to latest studies Figs (Anjeer) benefits patients with osteoporosis and help to increase bones health.

I hope you find this article useful, and it will help a lot to understand the health benefits of Figs.

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