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Diabetics is the third major cause of increased death rate in Pakistan. Diabetics is the also major cause of vision loss. This loss in vision occurs due to the fatigue and weakness of eyes cell. Hypertension is also major cause of vision loss. Hypertension increase pressure of eye (Intra Ocular Pressure) that disturbs visions. As you read in the previous articles about Diabetics of LearnPakistan.Com that fasting blood sugar should be 80MG/dL to 140MG/dL and Random blood pressure should be 100MG/dL to 160MG/dL.

Managing blood glucose level can be helpful for the diabetic’s patients to improve vision in the diabetic’s patients. If patient is able to manage his/her blood glucose level then it is possible to see improvement in the vision.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is the disease in which blood vessels in retina distribute eventually and patient is unable to focus the vision on sight. As the blood sugar increases the vision reduces and this disease result in the Retina Detachment. The retina folds and leave the conjunctive skin and patient become blind.


Eye cataract means the front lens of the patient is damaged due to age or some other reason. Eye Cataract results in blindness. Installing a new lens (artificial lens placement) is the cure for such disease. Eating fish and making fish part of the diet protects from the Eye Cataract. Omega-3 is found in the fish oil and protects from cataract. There are two common types of eyes cataract.

  • Age related cataracts: Common Eye Cataract
  • Congenital cataracts (childhood cataracts): Rare Cases


Glaucoma is known as silent thief of eye sight. Glaucoma is the condition in which optic nerve of patient’s eyes are damaged and the rays that made vision on the backend of eye become disturbed that results in the vision disturbance. Increased use of fish and vitamin E protects from the Glaucoma.


Tips for Better Eye Sight

  • We Are What We Eat: It is said that “we are what we eat”. It is important to renew your eating menu for better eye sight. Accodring to the new research Lutin, Omaga-3 Fatty Acid & Viamin E are helpful for better eye vision. Salemon Fish, Tona Fish, Eggs, Peanutts and grapefruit are helpful for the better eye sight. The above food not only prevents from eye tissues damage but also help you to manage the hypertension.
  • Avoid Smoking. Smoke from cigarette damages eyes and vision.
  • Using black glasses protects your eyes from the extra pressure and ultraviolet. A new type of lens “wrap around lens” protect eyes from UVA & UVB rays.

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Eye Care Tips In Urdu

Eye Care Tips In Urdu

Eye Care Tips In Urdu


Eye Care Tips In Urdu

Eye Care Tips In Urdu

Eye Care Tips In Urdu



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