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Increased weight in the age of 18-40 is the biggest health problem in Pakistan. There is no holy grail type of e-book or formula or diet that help you to reduce weight. All you need is to control your emotions. Today at learnpakistan dot com we will explore some of the best diet tips to reduce weight easily in the weeks.

Fiber is your friend:

               Remember fiber in the cereals (like chanay ki daal, Karachi daal) reduces cholesterol in the body. Add cereals (daal) a part of your daily diet to reduce weight effectively. But make sure that these are not over-cocked. Over heating the cereals (Daal) reduce the taste and nutrition.

               It seems very obvious that most people may eat more than you but remain healthy and their weight is under control. This is just because of their metabolism rate. However if you understand your body and learn how to feed yourself to reduce weight will not only decrease your weight but will also reduce the chances of heart attack, diabetics, arthritis (yes, if you are overweight then you will get arthritis too early than a person with controlled diet and weight).

Weight Loss Diet Plan:


               Don’t think like this that if I eat this or that it will increase my weight. Always eat according to body requirement when you get signal to eat you should eat. You are human and human eat it is normal. But only thing you should consider is this that when you feel full STOP EATING. Don’t eat to finish the plate. Don’t eat for friend’s company. Just eat to cover up the hunger. Don’t eat to make yourself full.


               A normal human don’t avoid from salty or oily food and nor he/she diets to reduce weight. He/she only understand the body language of himself/herself to reduce weight. This helps him/her to reduce weight easily. Understanding body language means that you should focus on your body requirement. You can calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) online at BMI represent the measure for human body shape based on an individual’s mass and height.



Our emotions drive us to eat more than hunger. You need to justify yourself before eating that you are eating emotionally or it is natural desire. Emotional eating includes eating during watch your favorite TV show, Eating when you are going to sleep, Eating only for friend’s company. This increase weight so badly. Try to learn small things that effect more on your weight. Like count how many bottles of carbonated beverage you consume last month, calculate how much sugar your have taken with sweet tea last month. Sugar is the basic requirement of human body cell when use in excessive way it converts into the fat and fat increases weight. Protein has no rule in increasing weight.


               Reducing weight is so easy that you can’t imagine, you can find hundreds of book online and book store shelves available to buy that promise you to reduce extra pounds or shed extra weight but if I am going to write a book online about weight loss it will be in two line

  1. Eat Less
  2. Exercise More

Question is?

How to eat less, how to control your appetite these are common questions that often obese people ask from me. You don’t need to control your appetite, you don’t need to starve. ALL YOU NEED IS TO MAKE YOUR SELF FEEL FULL. An apple before every meal can help you to achieve this goal. Simple try it for two months you will see amazing difference.

An apple before every meal + No Carbonated Beverage + No Sweat Tea

Believe me it will give your promising results absolutely free and help you reduce weight.

I hope that you like this article, and you will keep reading learnpakistan dot com.

Enjoy a healthier life, best wishes for you,

Shahzad Mian

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan In Urdu

Weight Loss Diet Plan In Urdu


Weight Loss Diet Plan In Urdu

Weight Loss Diet Plan In Urdu

Weight Loss Diet Plan In Urdu

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  1. I ‘m 58 years old. I did this diet one day last Thursday and lost 1.2 # overnight! But I gained it all back the next day by eating homemade bread. DUH .

  2. Asalam o alaikum meri 1 month bad shadi hy meri hight 5.3 hy or wheight 70kg hy ma sb kch kr k thak gai hon exrcise bhi bht ki hn ab time nhi milta plz meri help kren koi madicine bta den zayada costly na hon ma afford nhi kr skti plz help me meri tummy or hips bhi kafi bahr gye hn thank u

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