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Children health in Urdu is the new learning section of LearnPakistan.Com. In this section we bring children health tips in English and children health tips in Urdu as well. New parents can enjoy health tips for children for free and improve their children s health.

Children health includes special health activities for children like exercise etc. In this learning tips section of Learn we will talk about children health in general such as:

ENT (Ear, Nose Throat Problems) In Children:

Most of the ENT diseases in children are infectious like kids get these diseases from other kids. This may include flu in kids or malaria fever in children.


Sound, irritation in Child’s Throat:

Children can get these type of problems because of their tonsils issues. Children with tonsils problem require special attention of parents as well as the doctor. As children with tonsils problem often gets high fever. Tonsils problem in children reduce their appitite problem and make them crazy and irritated.

This Urdu article describes common health problem in children and Health tips for Children are provided in Urdu to the new parents to solve these health problem in children as soon as possible by reading Health Tips for Children.

Health Tips for Children

Health Tips for Children In Urdu

Health Tips for Children In Urdu

Health Tips for Children In Urdu

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