standard Health Tips In Urdu – Guava fruit (Amrood) Boron and Our Health in Urdu

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Health Tips In Urdu

You can improve your health by eat fresh vegetables and fruits. For example If you eat one Guava fruit (Amrood) after your dinner then it has greater health benefits as Amrood has effective properties of absorbing iron. It also helps digestion and Amrood also increases hemoglobin.

Eating fruits and vegetables in raw form has greater health benefits.


What is Boron?

Boron is the substance that is related with the brain activity and it controls the health properties. Fish, vegetables and almonds are great source of boron. This is the reason it is always said that eating almond is good for memory or brain.

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In this free article you will learn about getting a better health with food.  You will learn more health tips in Urdu as you read this article. This article is also about benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables at our health.

Health Tips In Urdu

Health Tips In Urdu

Health Tips In Urdu

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  1. I need the Diet Plan of diabetic patient. My diabetic is in early age and I want to control it at this stage.

    Please advise.

  2. Respected Dr sahib,
    Mera huoghloban ka test hamysha acha ni ata koie method bta dein js se increase ho meri shaddi ko 2 saal ho gie koie baby ni ………………….. guide me thankx

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