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Eye sight is the blessing of Allah, a healthy eye care require special attention of yours. For better eye sight eyes should be healthy. This article describes tips for eye health.

Tips to improve Far eyes Vision:

Almond, illaichi, Khaskhas and one tea spoon of sounf grinned together. Eat for three months; increase the amount of almond for till 11 almonds per day. If eaten with empty stomach in the morning this Totkay will be more beneficent.

Tips For itching eyes:

Standalone Arq-E-Gulab can use as two drops of any branded like (Qarsi Arq-e-Gulab) can be used.

Get Rid of Glasses:

Carrots are used for eye sight improvement since years along. Give your self of eating carrot in season (at least two carrots a day)


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Eye Health Care:

Health Eye Care In Urdu

Health Eye Care In Urdu


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