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What is Simple Ranula?

Ranula is known as the crystals/stones produced below the tongue. This crystal may be a in hard format, can be lumpy too. I have been suffering with this tongue Ranula problem since 2009. I thought it will be treated by medicines. I have been prescribed by famous ENT ear, nose, throat specialist some medicine as

Ranula Medication:

  1. Amoxi-Clav 625mg By Sandoz that contains Amoxycillin + Clavulanic acid for one month, (As I remember Augmentin DS by GlaxoSmithKline has the same salt).
  2. Lincomycin 250 mg for two months.
  3. Diclofenic Sodium two times a day as a pain killer.

But results were only the shrinking the stone (Ranula) hence making it hard only, but not dissolving or shrinkage the stone.

Final Ranula Treatment:

After the long treatment with antibiotics and consultation with several ENT specialists (Most of them advised surgical removal of Ranula) I decided to go with Ranula surgery. My ENT specialist a really generous guy operated my Ranula and removed it in 17 minutes approx. This Ranula was causing the dryness of my mouth, less saliva in mouth. Now I have enough lubrication in my mouth.

Here are the Ranula Pictures that removed just below my tongue that was causing the blockage of saliva in my mouth, Now I get enough lubrication while chewing my food. This Ranula was casued by chewing betel nuts like Rasili, Rasily Supari and Tulsi. 


Ranula pictures

Ranula Picture

Ranula Picture

Ranula treatment


Ranula Picture

Ranula Picture

Ranula picture

Ranula Picture

Ranula Picture

A quick note:

Ranula surgery is pretty much simple, don’t be afraid of it. After lignocaine injection 1cc it was like a charm no pain etc. After operation I was advised to apply Enziclor Gel and use branded mouth wash regularly for one week.

A Real life time lesson about Rasili, Rasily:

Raily Supari

Raily Supari

Betel Nuts of any type, no matter of whatever brand you use, like Rasili, Shabab, Tulsi etc causes Ranula, Read the source Here.


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