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Reduce Stress In Urdu

Reduce Stress In Urdu

Stress either started after listening bad news or it is related to stress disorder has effect on our health.

Stress Management Tips In Urdu:

In this stress management tips in Urdu section you will read articles on stress and will learn how to remove physical and metal stress. Stress relief process includes some relaxation and meditation of your mind.

Mental Stress and Workload Stress:

Mental stress or extra workload stress creates health conditions like over beating of heart, nausea and stomach disturbance. For example, a normal heart beat ranges from 80-90 beats per minutes, while in stress or in tension it goes to 150 beats per minute.

Stress also has effects on stomach, during stress the stomach works faster than normal one. Stress increase acidity in stomach and some gastrointestinal problems may rise.


Stress Related Problems:

The second major issue that related with the over beating of heart is the increased

Blood Pressure.

Blood pressure if increased may also increase the chances of heart attack.

Stress Management Tips In Urdu

Stress Management Tips In Urdu

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