standard Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Causes, Management, Diabetes Diet Chart By Dr. Farhan

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Health Tips for Diabetic Patients by Dr. Farhan

Diabetes Mellitus:

Diabetes is a serious health condition in which your body can not control the amount of glucose. As you may know glucose is the important source of energy in human body. Everything you eat or drink is changed into sugar/glucose and then absorbed in the blood. This glucose then circulates via blood and used for energy production. When your body can not tolerate the sugar accordingly then level of blood sugar increases automatically.

Blood sugar level depends on two factors:

  • How your body produces insulin
  • How your body utilizes the insulin

Insulin is the hormone that helps your body to absorb sugar. Insulin regulates the sugar level to the normal level.

Best Treatment for Diabetes:

Although it is proved that there is no best treatment for the diabetes but you can manage the blood sugar level. These diabetes management steps include

  • Food management
  • Regular exercise
  • Use of some essential medicines.

But the real diabetes management starts from you, there is only “you” that can help you to manage the diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

Type One Diabetes:

In Type One Diabetic patient the insulin is either not produced or produces in less amount. The type one diabetes patients takes insulin daily. Type One Diabetes is not very common. Mostly type one diabetic patient ratio is less than 10%. Mostly adults are victim of type one diabetes.

Causes of Type One Diabetes:

Immune system in human body destroys the ability of insulin production. No one can exactly tells why type one diabetes occurs. Mostly diabetes is hereditary. It is important to know that type one diabetes can only by treated by insulin injections.


Type Two Diabetes: (results from insulin resistance)

In Type Two diabetes patients the insulin production in human body is normal but the human body cannot tolerate or properly use the insulin. This is known as “insulin resistance” with the passage of time human body decreases the insulin production that reduces the insulin level in human body. Type two diabetic patients mostly dependent on the tablets like metamorfin, dianoal and others with combination of insulin. Some patients manage the diabetes level by proper diet control and increasing daily body activities. Type two diabetes is changes with time to time so its cure and treatment varies from time to time.

Symptoms of type two diabetics:

Type two diabetes is known as silent killer so when the patients feel the symptoms of the type two diabetics he/she becomes totally diabetic. The common symptoms for the type two diabetes are

  • Feelings of being Fatigue
  • Dry skin and itching
  • Numbness of the hands and feet
  • Sensation of sizzling in hands or feet
  • Reoccurring infection
  • Doubled urine output
  • Vision disturbances
  • Slow healing process of common wounds
  • Circulatory abnormalities is more common

Diabetes Diet:

Diet management plays a vital role in the diabetes management. A person can easily reduce the blood sugar level in his/her body by controlling dietary habits. Some people like to eat food with high sugar level and increase the insulin intake volume. This can be very risky, a plain diet chart can help you to manage diabetes.

Diabetes Food Chart:

Diabetes Diet Guide

Diabetes Diet Guide

You will learn other diabetics management tips in the next session with Dr. Farhan.

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    1. You have diabetes if your A1c level is 6.5% (48 mmol/mol) or higher and you have increased risk of developing diabetes in the future: A1c of 5.7% to 6.4% (39-46 mmol/mol)

  1. ek eham sawal hai jawab thek nahe milta sawal ye hai ke high blood sugar me ajkal kuch doctors 2types ki insulin mix kar ke date hen kia aap ke pas is baare me koi maloomat hen ke us doosri insulin ya jo be he wo uski niqdar kitne percent honi chahy or is ke side effect kia ho sakte hen

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