1. hi i am pakistani plz koi tip bataye weight 50 height 5 inch hein meri or age 22 hein meri lengs or face mota he koi exercise bataye

  2. Me zehni tanau ka shkar hu.or mera dimag as qdr kmzor ho gia ha k ma ab lif ma kch kr nhe par ha plz mere help ki jae yoga k zrie

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standard Yoga In Urdu – Hot Yoga Exercises – Yoga Weight Loss

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Complete Yoga In Urdu


Yoga is the exercise system that initiates natural healing system and increase body power. Yoga also stimulates the endocrine glands and helps human body to heal naturally. Yoga also empowers week muscle tone. Yoga is popular home exercise based remedy all around the world, you have heard of shilpa shetty yoga and baba ramdev yoga. I have included yoga videos and yoga exercise videos in this article.

 Yoga Exercises

One of the important lessons in yoga is that you are not supposed to able to master everything immediately and no one else is. If any a yoga asan is not easy for you then you can skip that yoga position. I am sharing a wonderful magical yoga exercise for you. Sit comfortably and take a few relaxed breaths, as you are breathing comfortably allow your mind to settle down and be empty from all kind of worries and tension. (I personally do this when I am tired of working on the computer). Continue Reading »

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  1. Assalam_o_Alikum
    I am From Pakistan,i ask a quest:
    what is the perfect time for yoga, which direction is the best?
    my age is 22years.
    and which excercise is best for my mind?

    1. You can perform yog in the morning … time is not important. Anytime is best for yoog. People do Yoog in offices too. Just you stomach should be empty while performing yoog (at least 2-3 hours). I hope this helped.

  2. me ne abi 1 week se yoga strat kia he sham ko 1hour to mechati hu k mara jald w8 loos hu jaeplz asa kuch bate k me jaldi w8 loose karu plz

  3. i m pakistani nd i m 35 years old meri legs boht moti hain or face py laughter bhi hain plz face keor legs ke yoga exercies bta dain

  4. plz tell me yoga height increase exercise in urdu………i have no any instrcuter to do this i am of 22 year

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