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Lose Weight In Urdu:

Obesity is the largest health problem as it leads to many other health problems. When a person gains weight then he/she gains fats around his hips, shoulders and other parts of body. This fat releases fatty acid, which dissolves to liver and disturbs the production of insulin in human body.

Insulin Production and Weight Loss:

For this purpose more insulin is produced to give proper energy to the body, thus due to extra glucose production, reduction in HDL Cholesterol, and the good cholesterol reduces. The lower HDL level means higher chances of heart disease.

Calories Counting in English/Urdu:

Calories counting is the real giant in the bottle

You should know that how much calories your daily food has such as:

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Weight Loss In Urdu:

Weight Loss in Urdu

Weight Loss in Urdu

Free Weight Loss Program In Urdu:

Weight Loss in Urdu

Weight Loss in Urdu

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  1. I have read the char but i would like to say you that i want to get the actual chart in urdu basically i am fat but i do weight lifting in the morning in club with my instructor so i am keen before few days to get the diet control chart of full day in urdu by this i could get good result so kindly mail me as soon as possible my weight is 123 kg

    waiting your earlier response.


    Muhammad Umer

  2. i want to lose weight so quickly i m so young bt getting fat even though i do all the things whatever i can plz help me

  3. A.O.A
    I have started 5 month weight loss schedule.I have loss 3 kg in 20 Days .I have taken some before picture and Im doing 5 km walk and 45 mints exercise at current weight is 107 kg .

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