standard Weight Loss Pills – Myth or Fact – Herbal Weight Loss Pills That Are Safe

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Weight Loss In Urdu:

This article is about weight loss in Urdu, you will know what professionals say about weight loss program. How to reduce weight easily in home, without exercise and any other therapy. Lose weight naturally.

Obesity and Will Power:

In our daily life, we don’t have enough time to care about our health. Especially people with obesity have lack of will power to reduce their weight. To reduce weight you may need a proper diet plan to reduce weight rather than using weight loss pills.

Weight Loss Pills – Natural Way to Reduce Weight:

Weight loss pills are used to reduce weight as claimed by their manufacturer. But the reality is different. According to companies claim “reduce weight in 30 days” or “lose weight in 20 days”. Or lose extra weight etc.


Weight Loss Pills That Works In Urdu:

Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Pills

Most of the time these medicines claim that these medicines are herbal and has no side effects but their major side effects includes diarrhea, dryness of mouth and lack of sleep at night. Remember this, there is only one safe way for weight loss and that is managing the balance of calories in take and consumption.

Note: Please consult with your doctor before using these medicines.

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  1. Patient Name:Zia Mustafa
    Age:41 Years


    – Known patient of Moderate mitral stenosis+Moderate pulmonary hypertension
    As per present echo on 06.05.2011, MVA 1.1cm2
    Dilated left atrium.
    Rheumatic thickened, doming mitral value moderately tight stenosis. Thickness 2+,mobility 2+,calcification 2+, inflra valvular disease 2+.
    – Gall bladder, Laparoscopic cholycystectomy (operation) was done on 06-10-2011


    – Shortness of breath
    – Over Weight specially belly (80Kg)
    – Pain in Pindalies (Tibia) & Foots (Heels)
    – Mostly Uric Acid are on higher side
    – Problem of Qabiz (Constipation), regularly taken Ispaghol chilka or skilax drops for said problem
    – How can loose weight
    – How can control Uric Acid
    – How can control constipation

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