standard Inpage Urdu Tutorials Part 3 – Keyboard Layout In Inpage

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Inpage offers us:

  • Monotype Keyboard Layout
  • Aftab Keyboard Layout
  • Muqtadra Keyboard Layout
  • Phonetic Keyboard Layout
  • Farsi Keyboard Layout
  • Arabic Keyboard Layout
  • Kashmiri Keyboard Layout
  • Kurdish Keyboard Layout

When you install Inpage for the first time on your computer, it preinstalls all the keyboard layouts. The default keyboard layout in Inpage is the Monotype. However Monotype is not the easiest keyboard layout that and Urdu speaking person can use it.

Choose Phonetic keyboard layout:

The Monotype keyboard layout differs from the Phonetic keyboard layout because of its layout. You can apply phonetic keyboard by navigating towards Edit -> Preferences -> Keyboard Preferences. Here is the some common vowels used in the phonetic keyboard layout.
Tau = V
Da = D
Dda = d
Paa = P
Sha = X
Cha = C


Phonetic keyboard layout

phonetic keyboard layout

phonetic keyboard layout

For more learning please watch the detailed video.

Inpage Urdu Tutorial

04.(How to Set Key Board Urdu in inpage) Inpage… by Learn-Inpage-In-Urdu

Video Courtesy: A Academy of Professional Art

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