standard Inpage Urdu Tutorials Part 5 – Pick Tool and Text Tool In the Inpage

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Today our Inpage Tutorial is about Pick Tool and Text Tool In the Inpage. Pick tool is used to select object. To select the text the cursor should be on the page and blinking. If you are drawing some rectangle or circle or text box it will be selected by the pick tool. Pick tool is used to select the objects in the Inpage. Inpage offers us Cut, Copy and Paste the drawing objects. In the Previous Lesson we have learned about How to write in the Inpage.

Most Important Tips:

When you select the pick tool the blinking cursor will be vanished. To make blinking cursor active you need to click on the cursor tool.

Text Tool / Hand Tool:

Hand tool is commonly known as the I-Beam key. Cursor and Hand Tool are the same. Hand Tool is used to move the page up and down. Hand Tool is the alternative tool to the scroll bar.


How to use Hand Tool In the Inpage:

Press and Hold Ctrl key on the keyboard and press the right mouse button you will notice that the mouse pointer has been changed to the Hand icon. It means Hand Tool is now active and user can move the page up/down and left/hand. Furthermore this Hand Tool is used to move drawing objects in the picture frame boxes in Inpage.
For Detailed learning purpose watch this Inpage Urdu Tutorial Video

06.Tool (Pick Tool to Hand Tool) Inpage… by Learn-Inpage-In-Urdu

Video Courtesy: A Academy of Professional Art

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