standard Inpage Urdu Tutorials Part 7 – Rotation Tool in the Inpage

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Rotation tool in the Inpage is used to rotate the objects drawn in the Inpage. The rotation tool is also known as the transform tool. Remember Rotation tool can only rotate text box, boxes circles, and drawing objects not the text alone. If you need to rotate the text you may want to put it in the text box and then rotate it.

In the Previous Article We have shared article How to write the in the Inpage.


This is the only wonderful tool that allows us to rotate the objects. Unlike CorelDRAW, Inpage is not much flexible drawing tool. Inpage only allows us to draw and rotate the objects.


For more learning please watch the detailed video.

07.Tool (Rotation Tool ) – Learn Inpage In Urdu by Learn-Inpage-In-Urdu

Video Courtesy: A Academy of Professional Art

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