standard Inpage Urdu Tutorials Part 8 – Link DeLink Tool In Inpage

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The Link Delink tool is used to link objects in the Inpage. Its main purpose is to stick two text boxes. Link Delink tool only links text boxes. It helps us to merge create two or more text boxes together. The Link Delink tool has symbol like eye glasses. You can work with this tool when you have at least two text boxes in the Inpage.

Sometimes the text in the text boxes is too much that does not fit in the text boxes. In this situation the Link Delink tool is used to spread all the text in the three text boxes.


For more learning please watch the detailed video.

08.Tool (Link Delink ) Inpage Training In Urdu by Learn-Inpage-In-Urdu

Video Courtesy: A Academy of Professional Art

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