standard Get Job Description Format of Head of Department Of Any Subject / Department

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Get Job Description of Head of Department Of Any Subject / Department. We have not mentioned any details for the subject relevancy, you may add these up later.



Job Description of Head of Department Of Any Subject / Department:

  1. To look after the affairs of the department.
  2. To monitor proper functioning of classes.
  3. To ensure the conduct of the test on monthly basis.
  4. To submit report on weekly / monthly basis about students / teacher progress.
  5. To ensure the presence of teachers besides teaching work when required.
  6. To ensure co-curricular activities regarding their respective departments.
  7. To work as liaison officer between staff and administration.
  8. To send the attendance of the students on monthly basis.
  9. Ensure compliance of time table according to academic calendar.
  10. Checking of student’s attendance register of their department at the end of month.
  11. Assurance of regularity and punctuality of the staff.
  12. Promotion of co-curricular activities within their department.
  13. Arrangement of substitute teacher during leave period of teacher of their respective department.
  14. Guidance & supervision of paper settings of their subjects for term test.
  15. Random checking of the marking of term tests of different teachers.
  16. Collecting students absentees list from faculty members to fine of strike off from the roll according to the rules and submit the list to the office examination department.
  17. Provide proper facilitation in the concerned laboratories in libraries.
  18. To make sure all facilities available in the department in working order (audio-visual aid, lab equipment, reading material in soft of hard copy).
  19. Counseling of students.
  20. To maintain the stock register if applicable.
  21. Ensure that all the teachers have submitted the lecture shortage statements by 5th of the month.
  22. The teachers have conducted the monthly tests according to schedule besides the results are submitted to the head within three days of the conduct of examination.
  23. Arrange domain / subject related seminars for teachers / students.
  24. Distributing the academic task / work load according to time table to the faculty members of their relevant department.
  25. Supervising the class room teaching according to the assigned time table and ensure regularity and punctuality.
  26. To maintain a complete record of the syllabus and submit a weekly report of topics covered by each teacher to vice principal.
  27. Checking the attendance register of each class / section of monthly basis duly verifying the attendance position of the students.
  28. Maintenance the record of internal house examination and class room test.
  29. To arrange parents teacher meeting after 2 months of continuous study period and at least 2 weeks before the December tests, so that the parents are well and timely informed of the academic performance of their children.
  30. Surprise visits of the classes.
  31. Should float teacher’s evaluation performance among students.


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