standard Job Descriptions Format of Teachers / School Teachers / College Professor / Lecturer

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Get Job Descriptions Format of Teachers / School Teachers / College Professor / Lecturer, you may use these job description for the use of planning of your organization. A nice motivational job descriptions.


Job Descriptions Format of Teachers / School Teachers / College Professor / Lecturer:


  1. To conduct the monthly test.
  2. To maintain the attendance register regarding
  3. Breakup of the syllabus
  4. Attendance report (Presence + Absence)
  5. Monthly test report.
  6. To guide the students regarding difficulty in academic matters in the class and after the class too.
  7. Motivate the students to take part co-curriculum activities.
  8. Ensure full cooperation with the administration regarding department.
  9. Whenever required counseling to the students and contact with parents will be ensured.
  10. To perform all the duties assigned by the principal according to the assignment scroll, with the spirit and full devotion.
  11. Should available on campus to solve the curriculum difficulties of the students in their free periods.
  12. To conduct tutorials that proves to be really educative and improve the personality and confidence of the students.
  13. To be aware of the books and other material, relevant to their subject available in the library so that they can update their knowledge and guide the students properly.
  14. Checking of monthly tests, scheduled tests, making award lists and performing other related duties.
  15. To attend all types of refresher courses of their respective subjects, whenever offered.
  16. Should be well equipped with every kind of up to date knowledge, information of their subject and current affairs.
  17. Give assignment that may encourage their individual interest / group assignment.
  18. Should use relevant modern teaching techniques for the lecture.
  19. Improvement of verbal and communication skills.

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  1. Please provide any official reference from Esta code or civil servant rules etc for these responsibilities for a teacher. If such exist then, how does a teacher is compensated at comparative basis? by concerned authorities by whom these responsibilities are fixed. This is suggested that when a teacher is not empowered in areal way and not has a good status in society, Are all above could be expected. Hopefully, these may be revisited all except a good teaching session in the class.

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