standard Sample Job Description Format of Principal (College / University)

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Principal / Dean are the major part of organizational unit of any universty or college, below is the sample Job description of the Principal.

Sample Job Description Format of Principal (College / University):

  1. Proper utilization of grants in time, purchased from student’s funds, dealing with all kind of financial matters strictly according to the rules and regulation of the Government of the Punjab.
  2. Random physical checking of college and class room activities daily.
  3. Preparation of development schemes for up-gradation and other facilities.
  4. Monitoring at each step and being well informed about the projects / schemes carried out by the executing agencies.
  5. Submission of SNE’s
  6. Submission of dak / reports to the concerned authorities.
  7. Management and supervision of all the administrative tasks related to staff management and welfare of students.
  8. Having cordial relationship with employees and public.
  9. He should ensure that the security measures taken in the college are foolproof.
  10. He should check all stock registers, accounts register and cash books pertaining to the government and college account.
  11. To maintain the academic atmosphere in the college.
  12. To maintain internal examination system.
  13. To protect the college from interference of so called students leaders / foreign elements.
  14. Must take normal classes per schedule.
  15. Check the maintenance of the college building and property i.e. furniture and other property of the college.
  16. Check performance of ministerial and miscellaneous staff.
  17. Ensure the attendance of all staff and students.
  18. Implementation of government policies / orders.
  19. Ensure regular conduct of classes.
  20. Ensure regular conduct of co-curricular extra curriculum activities.
  21. Should devise effective monitoring and accountability mechanism of staff.
  22. There should be a principal’s complaint cell.
  23. Arrange inter-college competitions.


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