standard Sample Job Description Format of the Vice Principal

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Vice Principal is the next responsible person after the principal in and organizational unit. Below are the Sample Job Description Format of the Vice Principal.

  1. Checking of student attendance registers of all head of departments.
  2. Academic feedback through students interactions.
  3. To assist principal in office.
  4. Practical counseling and guidance to teachers regarding student’s problems and their professional development.
  5. Routing official duties such as issuing character certificate, hope certificate and other certification matters.
  6. Monitor the academic activates of the department.
  7. Oversee the routine vigilance, inspection duties to ensure that the classes are attended by the staff and students.
  8. Manage all public relations related activates.
  9. Act as disciplinarian to ensure that all college policies and procedures are adhered to by both students and staff.
  10. Act as support system from the principal and assist implementing strategic plans that promote college development.
  11. Serve as a member of the college council.
  12. Conduct random check on class rooms to ensure mode and methods of instructions are aligned teacher are well prepared and are managing the classroom according to the college standards.
  13. Ensure clean and safe environment within the college premises.
  14. Supervise the assistance of needy students through red cross and welfare fund.
  15. Parents-teachers meeting should be conducted under the guidance and supervision of vice-principal.
  16. Check the working of all the societies / committees.
  17. Arrange proper counseling from the students especially at the time admission to selected the right future.
  18. To observe the punctuality both by the teaching and no teaching staff.
  19. Round of all the department of the colleges and bring any irregularity to the notice of the principal for rectification.
  20. Member purchase committee.
  21. To assist the principal regarding all the official matters.
  22. To assist the principal regarding all the official matters.


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