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Microwave Oven Cooking:

Microwave oven is the one of the latest invention that made human’s life easier (especially the ladies). As is focused on bringing useful Urdu tips day by day. This week our team with Zobia, Shazia and Sabahat has focused about the Cooking tips in microwave oven.

Microwave Energy: How Microwave Oven Works:

Microwave energy is produced in the microwave oven when you start microwave oven. The magnetron in the microwave oven converts electricity into the microwaves and these microwaves keeps food (salt, pepper, sugar and water) molecules vibrating at high velocity and this vibration then creates friction and this friction then produces heat that helps in cooking the food.

Advantages / Disadvantage of Cooking in Microwave Oven:

The major advantage of microwave oven is that heat is distributed in food equally resulting in better taste. If we cook meat in microwave oven the heat is first absorbed by bones and fat resulting in cooking in less time.

Which pots / plates / crockery is best for microwave oven Cooking:

Various microwave oven products are available in the market; you can choose any microwave oven products among these as per your choice. A Simple home test can be made for further testing. The pot used in microwave should not absorb energy. Put some water in that pot.

  1. Place that pot with water in the microwave oven.
  2. Boil the water.
  3. Take out the pot, if pot absorbed heat and got heat then it is not safe for microwave oven cooking.

Microwave Oven Cooking Tips:

In this article we are also sharing best Microwave oven cooking tips that will ease cooking process. Microwave oven cooking tips should be read and followed with microwave oven cooking recipes, that we will be sharing next on LearnPakistan.Com

  • Arrange your food in the microwave oven. As possible keep center of the cooking area free, so heat is absorbed equally on both sides of food.
  • New microwave oven has moving plates, this features can be enabled or disabled as per your requirement so follow you recipes.
  • Follow the timing of cooking as mentioned in recipes.
  • Never use microwave oven with open door. It can be hazard for life. Always make sure that oven door is properly closed.
  • Never use microwave oven empty or don’t use it as cabinet.

Microwave Oven Prices In Pakistan:

LG microwave - new oven with pizza drawer

LG microwave - new oven with pizza drawer

View LG Microwave Oven Models Here


Microwave oven prices varies from product to product, please note that you are selecting the latest model of oven and choose the trustable brand. Please read the entire booklet supplied with microwave oven before using it.

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Translated Part of This Post – Microwave Oven Cooking Tips In Urdu


microwave cooking

Microwave Cooking


Microwave Oven Baking, Cooking Tips In Urdu – Cooking by microwave

cooking with the microwave

Cooking with the Microwave

Microwave Oven Baking, Cooking Tips In Urdu – Cooking with the microwave

cooking with a microwave

Cooking with a Microwave Oven

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  1. best wishes for whole team, it is my request that tell me how to set the time of microwave comparetive to conventional oven?

    1. Thanks, for providing usefull informations, best wishes and regards to the owners of the provider of this website

  2. I have a microwave oven but i am not able to use it. Please tell me how to cook food in it. I want to make pizza , cake, biscits, samosa and other things . Please help me to use this oven

  3. Sir i just want to know that , in dawlance microwave oven health series(131 hp) how i can select temprature or heat in degree?

  4. Learn Pakistan aik bohot achi koshish hai hum Pakistani ki maloomat barhane ke liye. thanks

  5. Aoa! Thank u so much for this informative writing.
    I have a problem plz help me .someone gifted me haier microwave oven model:HGN-45100EB. I don’t know its use.plz guid me what could I cook with.could this modle bake pizza and cake .
    Thankful to you!

    1. It has 22 Recipes including and Free cook book developed by Chef Mehboob Please check the book. I believe it has. (I have oven, but I use Omlet setting for pizza it works)

  6. Hello,
    Sir I have DW_133G model is it suitable for baking if it is so how i can arrange temp for cakes and cookies plz rply me

  7. And plz also tell k dawlnc dw131a me baking b ho skti hy,or us me grill wgera kesay krtay hn pizza wgera bnana ho to tym kesay set krtay 🙁

  8. can anybody tell me step by step to bake a pizza in dawlance 115.
    plx don’t the recipe of pizza I want instructions

  9. I used orient microwave oven with grill I’dont know
    how to used this for baking and piza making and which pots are used in it

  10. Intrested to know more about cooking in microwave like different combos and timings for baking, grilling, defrosting etc

  11. Plz sir kindly tell me how I heat the food in dw 391hz , whenever I heat the rice at max power setting which is 100 in it. It does not heat in ten mint time setting. I m worried very much . How I can heat the fridge rice also tell me,….. I m waiting 4 ur reply thnx alottttttttt

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