standard Learn Blogging In Urdu In 30 Days – Day 2

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I (Mian Gee) welcome you on the second day lesson about the blogging. My first video was a successful video. The first video was about very basic lessons about the blogging. Blogging is very safe and easy way to earn online in Pakistan. We will learn advanced techniques about the blogging as we move forward. In this blogging lesson we will learn how to select a blogging niche and what is niche blogging. The method of success full niche blogging.

What is the Niche?

In blogging terminology Niche means the market, the market of your blog. The main category of your blog. For example, if you blog about the exercise or the body building then your niche will be health. So, the market of your blog is the Niche.

How to Choose a Niche?

In other words, Niche can be your area of the Interest. The topic in which you are interested in, the topics that you like will make your Blogging Niche. No one want to read your random thoughts, everyone want to read about their interests. So, when their area of interests will meat with your area of interest. This will be win win situation. When you are able to write according to the mind of the readers and your blog subscribers. You are a successful blogger.

Niche Writing Stream Help to Engage Visitors.

Niche blogging involves writing about the topics you love to write. You should be able to maintain your writing stream and stick with your niche. You cannot write randomly for successful blogging. Staying with the topic will help you to boost your traffic and engage your visitors. Successful niche blogger has ability to engage their visitors and convert new visitors to new bloggers.

Success Formula of Niche Blogging

When you write about the real life experiences you will earn a lot from Niche blogging. The formula of the successful blogging is


Read, Research, Write and update.

Earn Online

You should be able to rearch about your niche. For example, you are writing about the telecom industry then you should be a good researcher about the telecom industry. The industry is the wide word, you can narrow it down according to your blog topic. Most of the readers like to learn and gain from your research. Almost every reader has some problem that makes them come to Google. It can be problem related with tech gaget, health, gift some, buy a puppy or new mobile phone. So, help your readers with the real life issues with the blogging. Update your knowledge and solve their problems with your articles. Your articles should have a lesson in the end.

Every Niche Has Different Blog Earning:

Off topic writing influence on the niche blogging earnings. As you know niche blogging earning varies from niche to niche. Some niches are highly profitable and has huge competition. Some niches are less profitable and has less competition. So, the only thing that matters here is your interest. Your interest has major effect on your blog earnings. Your interest will lead you to more research in your niche and research will open new gateway of online earnings.

Niches and the Competition:

Every niche / blog market has its own competition. To measure calculation just type keyword related to your niche in Google and see how many (total results) pages are listed there. The less results means the less competition. The only way to ignore the competition is that consider your competitors as your business partner. Since they are online and they have a blog so that blog is your partner as it can generate backlink to your blog. As you know more backlinks means higher page rank.

Learn Blogging in 30 Days

Stick with your Niche for Successful Blogging:

Select and choose your niche wisely and then focus on it. Stay away from micro niches that has less competition and less search volume. Most of the Niche blogger fail due to the competition. They see a great ranking website and create a clone of that site. This is not the good way of the blogger. The best way to select that niche is that find a gap in that niche. The topics that your ideal site is not covering go for them, see their competition and start the blog.

So, Get away from the competition. Think lightly about your niche and start a website that will let you earn a life time earnings. I wish you all the best for the successful blogging.



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