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Learn Blogging Online In 30 days is the new course launched by LearnPakistan.Com. As you know our previous course was about learn English in 30 Days. This is our fresh course and you will learn a lot during this course. I am sure learn blogging in Urdu course will get more appreciation by you and your friends. So, let’s start

Why blog?

This is the most common question asked by many new bloggers. Blogging is the easiest way to earn online and make money online in Pakistan. Blogging is Fun and you learn and earn a lot during this journey. For me blogging is Fun and my main income stream.

Blogging Boost Your Social Links:

You can build social links via blogging and tell your community that what you have, what you have learned and what you can share. For example if you are a graphics designer and make a blog about graphics and educate others how to make or draw things in graphics software, you will get a lot of visitors and your blog will be valuable for newbies and other fellow graphics designers. Even if you share source files of the designs you will get more value. The new visitors will appreciate your work and you will earn via your blog. You can start your career as a freelance.


Blogging can make you Smart:

Blogging makes you better thinker and analyzer. You can analyze things more precisely and learn more from your daily life. Because your write about something you like and love it get appreciation from others automatically. Blogging schedules your life, you spend a scheduled life after starting a blog.

Blogging Makes you a Rich:

Yes, money is the second fruit of the blogging. You blog, you drive traffic to your blog and this makes you rich. It gives you money and confidence. You can make a good amount of money online.

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  2. I want to start a blog in Urdu language .Is it worth it ?I mean the keywords for search etc.I want to write in Urdu rasm ul khat then the Roman .What do you suggest.

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