standard Effective Daily Sentences Use in Spoken English

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No one can be able to speak English fluently until he/she converse three important aspects. First one is fear of speaking wrong words. Second is the lack of vocabulary. Thirst is the poor knowledge of English

Repentance of common sentences.

Most of us living in Pakistan are afraid of spoken English. Spoken English has so much hype that a person cannot speak English just because of fear. Fear is the worst enemy of humans in all times. You should overcome this fear. As I have mentioned in my previous lesson of spoken English we should start from a zero point. This zero point can be anything. Just an English word, hi, hello, how are you is enough for the start. A starting point is important. So start from very basics of spoken English. To Learn Full English Language you should increase vocabulary.

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Improve vocabulary.

Vocabulary means the words that are in your mind and you use them while speaking English. More words means you have more vocabulary. 80% of spoken English attempts are failed just due to the lack of vocabulary. If you feel stuck while speaking English then it means you have vocabulary. To increase vocabulary here are two best tips.


Learn reading first than writing of speaking. You can read and understand about any topic. I can recommend you reading only newspaper online. BBC English, AOL, New your times can be a good start.

1. Watch movies.

Watching movies. I know it seems to be yet it is an effective tool to improve your spoken English skills. Watching movies is fun yet it plays an important role in learning. You can select an movies, any genre of your interest. Don’t watch just for fun, watch for a long perspective. Listen every word of it, try to understand the vocal pronunciations of it. Understanding pronunciation and delivery of words help you to speak English fluently. Our 30 Days Spoken English Course will also help you to improve your spoken English skills.

2. Visiting superstore:

Visiting your nearest superstore will help you to understand English. Understanding product names, their use and description of the products will also help you to learn daily sentences of English.

I am sure you will try these tips and will learn a lot. I will be updating my blog with more English learning tips so please subscribe and share my Facebook page.

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