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Improving Spoken English Skills is need of today. Students, lawyers, doctors and even shoppers can do daily conversation in English and improve their spoken English conversation skills. Here are 7 spoken English skills.

1. Change your environment:

Environment plays a vital role. Humans have tendency to adopt and learn from environment. A little change in environment can make a huge difference. You will learn English fast by a little change in environment. Try to start speak daily use English sentences.

2. Listen, speak, learn, listen and speak.

This five step cycle is the proven formula to learn spoken English conversation online. The more you listen the more you learn. You can listen to audio songs and speeches to improve your English.

3. Watch movies:

You can learn English in 30 days only to improve your English conversation and to improve your spoken English conversation skills. You can watch same movie two times again and again. It will improve your listening power. The more you listen the more you understand and you will learn English in better way. American TV Shows will also help you to understand & learn English in advanced level. Many of my students have improved their English conversation by listening American TV shows.


4. Let the English Wash Your Brain.

English, English and English, let the English wash your brain and polish your spoken English skills. Read English anywhere you see it. Visit nearest superstore read labels of the products. Read each and very label of the products. Listen podcasts, listen radio programs. Read online English newspapers. Throw your dictionary away. Try to understand the words practically by reading, listening in English movies. Vocal expressions of actors in English movies will also guide you about the movies.

5. Practice, Practice

Practice to speak English. Speak English with yourself. You and only you can teach yourself English. Set in alone room. Ask basic question from yourself and answer by yourself.

6. Improve your pronunciation:

Read native English newspapers. Native English pronunciations will improve your pronunciation skills. By this way your will increase your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

Informal national geographic movies will improve your native English level but your general knowledge as well.

7. Make Native English Speaking Friends

Making friends with native English skills will help you to boost your spoken English conversation skills. You can make friends on Facebook and your ask them later to help them in improving spoken English conversation skills. You can also have a debate with them on general knowledge. Stay away from politics and religion. Economy, personal budget management, likes, dislikes can be a good start.

I am sure, By utilizing above 7 steps will improve your spoken English and you will have a positive, enjoyable English learning experience. If you have any questions, you can ask me via comments.

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