standard Learn English Tenses In Urdu – Learn to Speak in Past Tense – Free English Lesson No.3.1

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In the previous lesson of our free English learning course, we have learned about the use of present tense in our daily life, we also read the examples of the present tense to speak English. To learn how to speak english, it is required to learn tenses. On the third english training lesson of LearnPakistan.Com’s training lesson we are introducing course to learn English tenses in Urdu.  The reason of writing all this articles in Urdu is this that many of our friends; readers have asked for to make the tenses lessons in Urdu.

English Tenses In Urdu:

This free Urdu article is about past tense and the types of past tense, past perfect tense, past indefinite tense, past indefinite tense in Urdu. It is LearnPakistan.Com’s best try to make you understand tenses in Urdu.

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Past Tense In Urdu:

Learn English Tenses In Urdu

Past Tense In Urdu

Learn English Tenses In Urdu

Learn English Tenses In Urdu

Learn English Tenses In Urdu

Past Tense

Past Perfect Tense: Use of Had in Daily English

Learn English Tenses In Urdu

Past Perfect Tense











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    1. can u tell why we are using second form of Verb after was…. like The door was opened when Fagin gave a whislte

      1. Yes, it is correct. The reason is that in this case, “opened” is used as an adjective which modifies the subject, as opposed to a verb.
        I hope I answer the question 🙂

  1. sir, sallam mera name rabia hai aor sir mujay english nahi ati main buhat pareshan hun please help me aor mujay kahi jobs say reject ho choki hun english ki waja say

      1. Razia Yaqub …… Mam’m English can learn everybody its better for u search in Google effortless English Mr. AJ hoge hopefully u will learn easy and early thanks…

    1. daikhiye english sikhna mushkil nae hai mae ap ko kuch mufeed tips day sakta hn wo yah hai kisi b words ko ratta lgany say bahtar hai k phrases py twajo dy na k grammer or kisi cheez par ap english bolnay k liye bs mind mae koi sentens sochay or us par apni english ko try kary english seakhnay k 4 rules reading,listen,speak frequently,understand,

      1. english movies ko daikhay ,english bolnay walay dosto say english bolay or sharmany ki zarorat nae hai q k jo cheez nae ati wo nae ati is mae sharmany wali koi baat ni hai because english is not our mother tongue.

    2. Friend first u need to talk more and more with those friends who knows English very well first u need to listen English than u can understand better spouse little can’t speak first he listen than he starts speak slowly slowly… thanks

  2. Mae 3 kids ki maan hoon and english learning ki website search kar rahe the to ap ki yeh site mili,mae khud to itni parhi likhe nahi hoon ap nae ENGLISH bohat achaee tareka saee sikhaee haee per bohat hi afsoos aur dukh hua kaee isi page per ap naee
    SUHAAG RAAT KA TAREKAEE jaisaee lesson bhi de dalaee aur yeh bhi na socha kae is site ko KIDS bhi visit karaeen gaeeen.ap saee request haee kae khudara yeh link kahen aur shift kardaeen
    apka shukria hoga

    1. Dear Nadra,

      The information we have provided is according to the Islam, we have not included the porn material or something that is irrelevant. If educated well, then a lot of marriages and lives can be saved.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. SIR,

    1. i want to learn english a to z although i am graduate but from many years i am not in touch with english language tenses active passive voice verbs forms vocablary and then english spoken classes i want to join

    1. SIR,

  4. Assalam o alaikum. Sir mujy english seekhni hay aur umeed hay k aap kuch help karen gay meri. Mujy itna internet use karna bhe nahi aata. Aap mujy guideline karen please. I thankful you for this act of kindness. Reply me sir .

  5. this is very good patern…to learn english…keep it up…but how we can to ggod speaker …
    give me some advice..thank u

  6. ian zartasha and study in part 2 please you sent my e mail past present and future tense. and when we solve the exercise. like put the verbs in brackets into the present perfect and present continuou perfect tense.
    1) you (walk) too fast. that is why you are tired.
    i am not know that what is tense?

  7. Sir Aslam 0 Alikum Sir Muje English Sekhne Ka Bhut Shoq Ha Or Muje English Nhe Ati So Plz Muje English Sekhao Sir Plz Help Me Muje Kuch Samjh Bhi Nhe Ata Or Kya Me English Sekh Paonga Or Sir Frnds Ne Bhi Bhut Insert Ki ha Sir Plz Muje Insert Hone Say Bachao ? 🙁

  8. thanks sir
    it is helping my children. Allah bless You. Keep Your mission on. My be some time we cant see the results instantly but somewhere, someone is praying for you for your good deeds.

  9. hello its not bad but i don’t feel that its really nice because i could not understood any thing from this website when i read these sentences i feel that they are complex sentences sorrrry but i could’nt learnt anything from this website thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. i think we should speak English with each other…and try to get maximum vocabulary in our mind…and read the English and try to understand it if you will be done it ….you will feel that you have to improve your English. its true that English is not our language but it is not difficult to lean.
    In my opinion you should be purchase an authentic just TENSES BOOK…. see that and try to speak English….and remember..when you speak English you should be confident to speak it… also new student of it i started it since last two months…i have more detail…. we ca communicate by mail…..thanks Hassan Bukhari

  11. asslam o alaikum sir… ur material is realy intellectual.. (Y) thumbs up for u sir (Y) bt i need a little assistanCe from ur path…!! there is a sentence like (may nay yeh film pechlay itwaar dekhi hay) = i hav seen ths film last sundy.. is it correct???????? hoPe u wLL concentrate this….

  12. I am currently living in Italy. Here we are speaking Italian Language, but I also want to improve my English because I need to travel in different European countries. This is a good website. And method of teaching is very easy and excellent.

  13. Asslam e alikum sir i like this english method plz you teach me english i learn the english and you teach me tenes first to last tens i need your help sir plz help me

  14. hy every one today my sms is here the reasen is that i have something to tell you the thing is that.
    i am teacher of i want you to do like this if you would you do like this inshallah you would be a good speaker of english.i am going to tell you english’s law that how can we learn english?
    1/.. you had better learn just &just present simple only you must learn indefinate tence of present.
    2/.. you should practice infront of the mirror yourself.
    3/ should have alof of confidence in your persanality.
    4/ must speak english infront of somebody.
    5/..should’nt speak urdu.
    6/ had better learn vocabs /noun/adjective/adverb/verb/words’s meaning.
    7/ would have to keep on practicing of english.
    8/..what you talk to every should convert sentences in english in your mind.
    9/ can’t fell shy.if you would fell shy,you may not do any thing.
    10/..if you want to speak fluent&emeculete would have to over come yours hasitition.
    alot of laws have been told by must learn english of my own accord.
    (if you determinded to do something noone can’t stop you)if you are not determinded to do any thing any one can’t make you do that.

  15. I am not perfect in english but with “Did we can’t use 2nd form of Verb” … there are some mistakes in this material … So I would like to advise all learners that do your proper research.

  16. ME ne ab tenses or passive sekhe pr mje ab bi english bolna nhi a rehe me bht upset kese bolu nhi boli jate plz help me

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