standard Inpage Urdu Tutorials Part 1 – How to Install Inpage Urdu

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In this Inpage Urdu Tutorial we will learn about the installation of the Urdu Inpage Package. You will learn how to install Inpage Version 2012. There are no big changes made in the so called newer versions of Inpage Urdu. This version is most stable and perfect to be used as professional and home user. During this installation, You may only need to run the Setup.Exe.

Change the Install Folder:

During the setup you can specify the path of installation folder by clicking on the browse and choose the specific folder.


Some Inpage versions may give HASP Driver Error or MFC Error. If you encounter this error after Inpage installation you may need to change the Inpage installation CD.

The following Video Tutorial explains the Step by Step Inpage Installation.

Inpage Urdu Tutorial:

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