standard Learn Microsoft Office Word CCA Lesson No.1

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The Microsoft Word is the part of Microsoft Office 2013. The Microsoft word has pretty graphics user interface that is very much user friendly. In this lesson we will learn about the

  • Quick Access Tool Bar.
  • Home Tab.

Home Tab In Microsoft Word:

Home Tab in the Microsoft Word contains all the basic functions of the Microsoft Word that has been combined from the previous versions of the Microsoft Word. In MS Word 2013 you can access all the common editing and formatting features from Home Tab.

Home Tab contains following features:


1. Cut To remove the text and copy the removed text in MS Word.
2. Copy To copy the text in the clipboard and to paste later on in MS Word.
3. Paste To insert the copied text from clipboard into document in MS Word.
4. Bold To make text bold ( A little Bigger, used for highlighting text in MS Word.
5. Italic Italicize the text and Make it little fancy in MS Word.
6. Underline To underline text, the size of the line under the text depends on the text size (The Bigger text size means the thicker line) in MS Word.
7. Strikethrough To overline the text, to give text a overline look in MS Word.
8. Subscript Make text small just below the text in MS Word.
9. Superscript Make text small just top of text in MS Word.
10. Text Effects To apply effects on the text and typography in MS Word.
11. Highlight To highlight the color of the text in MS Word.
12. Font Color To change the color of the font in MS Word.
13. Alignment To Align Text right, left and center. In MS Word.
14. Line Spacing To increase line spacing between lines and paragraph in MS Word.
15. Table Border To add table border on top or bottom of text. (We will see how to create resume in MS Word)
16. Heading Style Add heading style to the selected text in MS Word.
17. Find To find specified text in MS Word
18. Replace To replace the specified text in MS Word.

Learn Microsoft Office Word CCA Lesson No.1

MS Word CCA Course Lesson – 1 by learnpakistanCom


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