standard Easy Hair Treatment In Urdu – Some Home Remedies for Hair Care

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Hair Treatment

Hair treatment is a type of therapy/treatment provided to hair to cure some kind of situation. If you are looking for home remedies to make your hair shinny, then you are at the right place.

  • Take a glass of water; put some black tea in it.
  • Boil it, when it changes color, mix juice of a lemon.
  • Now use this mixture for hair massage before shampoo.
  • You will get shinny black hair naturally.

Using Castor Oil:

You can also use castor oil for hair care. Apply castor oil before you sleep. If you don’t like moisture of caster oil then best way is this that you should prepare a towel dipped in hot warm water then applies castor oil to hair, after this use that towel to wrap around your hair. It will help absorption of castor oil.


In this Urdu article, I have shared Hair Care Tips in Urdu for Long Hair. I also discussed how to make hair shinny and black by using natural hair products. I hope you will like this article.



Hair Treatment In Urdu

Hair Treatment In Urdu

Hair Treatment In Urdu



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  1. Hai. Im 30yr old i have very small breart give me some suggestn to make a big big breats without surgery. Some home and herbel tips pls send me on my email add thnk u.

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