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Henna Mehndi For Hair Color

Henna has been used for hair dye since years. Artificial hair colors destroy hair’s health because they use Hydrogen per oxide to absorb in hair. Artificial hair colors destroy keratin. Natural products not only color hair but give hair care.

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Mehndi For Hair:

Henna “Mehndi” is a grinded powder made from Mehndi leaves. Henna “Mehndi” not only color the hair but make hair thick and works as conditioner. Henna “Mehndi” mixed with egg and lemon gives your hair shine a boost.


Henna “Mehndi” Should not bed used too often, The safe use of Henna “Mehndi” is limited to four times in a year.


In this Urdu Article I have shared home remedies for Hair Care, Henna Mehndi Designs, Hair style and hair care tips in Urdu.

Hair Dye with Mehndi:

Hair Dye With Mehndi

Hair Dye With Mehndi


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