standard Tips for Long Hair – Best Hair Care Tips For Every Type of Hair

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Beautiful hair can be described as silky, long, soft, strong and healthy hair. Ideal hair style can be applied if you know types of hair. We are sharing here some best hair care tips. I believe that if you follow hair care tips and give your hair the best care, you can make your hair long and increase some pluses in your profile.

Beauty Tips For Hair:

Oily hair are your personality foe, it makes your personality dull. If you have oily hair then you should shampoo your once in a day. These two hair shampoo are best for oily hair type.

Alberto VO 5 Hairdressing

Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Strong

If you are unable to control them with regular use of Alberto VO5 then you should consult with trichologist.


Long Hair Tips:

To make you normal hair shine, apply lemon mixed with vinegar at least twice in a week.

Never use blower dye on your hair if you have think hair and dry hair type. Let your hair dry naturally. When hair are bit wet use half rounded brush to make your tangled hair straight. To make you hair strong and long use hair care mask at least once in an every two weeks.

Coconut for Long Hair:

Coconut oil is used for the increased shine in hair; you can also mix the lemon juice to make extra shine in hair. Coconut oil mixed with olive oil (80% coconut oil and 20% olive oil) will increase length of hair and make your hair long. Apply this mixed oil and take towel dipped in hot water then fold around your head. This will increase skin capacity to absorb the oil. Best hair tips to removes dandruff, and make hair long.

Don’t wash, shampoo or apply conditioner the hair until you have make hair straight. The reason behind this is the cuticles. Cuticles are the dead cells that are present on the skull.


The best way to Shampoo your hair:

  • The best way to shampoo your hair is to shampoo the hair twice. First apply shampoo in your hair rub your hair for five minutes then wash it.
  • Now apply the shampoo massage your hair, let it be on your hair for around 10 minutes, then wash them with Luke warm water. You can also bush you hair first then apply shampoo. This will increase capabilities of absorbing proteins.
  • Use Roghan-E-Balsan, Roghan-E-Zeeton, Roghan-E-Mehve and mild hair conditioner at least thrice a week.
  • Some ladies have shot hair, but for some parties they have to make their hair long, it is better that you get hair piece applied with the help of professional hair dresser.


Vitamins for Hair:

Mineral and Vitamin are important for hair health, like iodine, chlorine, phosphorus and zinc are essential for hair growth and hair health. Most of these zinc is important for hair health. Deficiency of zinc makes hair week and thin. Commonly breakage of hair is because of zinc. Baldness is often caused by deficiency of Zinc. Fish is best source of zinc and iodine. Eating fish twice in a month keep iodine and zinc balance in human body.

Tips for Long Hair:

Tips for Long Hair

Tips for Long Hair

Tips for Long Hair:

Tips for Long Hair

Tips for Long Hair

Best tips for long hair:

Here I am sharing the best tip for long hair that is effective and tested in my consultancy period.

Before sleeping lay down on your bed hang your hair down and be in this position for at least 20 minutes. This increases blood flow in your head and make your hair strong.


How to make reddish hair natural black:

To make reddish hair natural black, wash your head with tea water this will make your hair natural black.

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