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White Hair In Young Age

 As age develops the hair start being white, this called premature white hair problem. The causes of white hair are un healthy diet and tension. The deficiency of copper, iron and iodine also causes white hair. The preventable causes of white hair are, washing hair with hot water, improper use of electric dryer are regular hair dye.

Treatment of white hair – White Hair Solution

The best way to stop white hair is the use of Amla. Use of Amla makes your hair strong, shinny and dense.

Remedy for white hair

Here is home remedy for white hair.

  1. Take the Amla fruit.
  2. Let it be dry.
  3. Don’t dry at open sunlight.
  4. Make small pieces of dried Amla.
  5. Get coconut oil around two cups.
  6. Put that dried pieces of Amla in it.
  7. Boil both until they get black color.
  8. Now use this oil to prevent white hair and hair fall.

White hair solution with Almond

Get almond oil, take some pieces of dried Amla, mix some amount of lemon juice and massage this oil at night.

In this Urdu article, I have shared white hair solution, white hair treatment, treatment of white hair, prevention of premature white hair and remedy for white hair. I have also discussed about cure of white hair problem. I hope you will like this article.

White Hair solution In Urdu

White Hair Solution

White Hair Solution

White Hair solution In Urdu

White Hair Solution

White Hair Solution




  1. Good Afternoon sir,
    I am Muhammad faryad from Lahore Pakistan now working in dubai…my problem is white hair.My hair black to changing into white clour on head and shavning place.Now iam 24 years old..i think white hair coming from my age 15..almost 7 year.Now 20% is white hair on Head and 10 Hair on shavning place.Please tell me for good medicine or other solution for me
    Your Faithfully,
    M Faryad..

    1. Hi. Bro i was also going through this problem. I would recommemd u to use perfectil tablets it worked best for pre mature greying of hair. I wish it will work for u as well bro.

  2. I am having premature white hair to the sides. near ears. I want to apply the above solution of amla.

    But I would like you to please reply me for how long will it take to recover so i shall keep doing instead getting hopless…

  3. sir, I have white hair around my head almost 12 years. i took so much of treatment but no use ,so please tell correct and good treatment with no side effect.

    1. Remedies to overcome the White Hairs

      Almond Oil

      Massage your scalp on a daily basis for nearly 30 minutes with Almond oil and apply them in smooth way of your finger gently.

      Carrot Root

      Massage your scalp on a daily basis for nearly 30 minutes with Carrot Root oil and apply them in smooth way of your finger gently.


      Sugar based food stuffs, and soft drinks needs to be avoided for better treatment of white hairs.


      Having sufficient amount of yoghurt daily is very helpful in prevention of white hair.

      Coconut Oil / Lemon Juice

      Mix Lemon Juice with coconut oil and massage them on your scalp daily for 3 to 4 minutes for better treatment and prevention of white hairs.

      Amla / Lemon Juice

      Lemon Juice mixed with Amla Powder applied on the scalp daily for 5 to 6 minutes gives good result in preventing white hairs.


      Apply Mehandi or Henna on the hairs for an hour before bath will give better result for white hair to turn black


      Drinking carrot juice regularly will help in preventing the white hairs.

      Vegetables & Fruits

      Take more intakes of vegetables like carrots, apricots, broccoli and spinach, bananas, tomatoes, etc for better results.

      Vitamin A, B and B12

      Take more intakes of food items of Vitamin A, B and B12 such as Egg, Beef, Lamb, Cheese, Milk, Sea foods, Cauliflower, Pumpkin, yogurt, almonds etc


      If you follow the above few remedies, am 100% sure, that your white hairs will turn to black. All the best!!!!!!!!

  4. sir my hair are changng into white hair nd i am 16 years old please tl me the best soluton for ths problem

    1. Use perfectil tablets . it worked best for me. I wish and hope that this gonna work for u as well. One tablet a day for two to threw month

  5. My name is taher i have 18 years and my black hairs are turning into white please give a solution for my problem

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