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Earn Rs. 15000/- per month from the first month with zero investment by selling products online at As in my previous post about how to sell on Kaymu, I told you how you can create your online shop at Kaymu and sell online, you can make money online with

I prefer because of its ease of use and system. Now I share with you a real story of one of my students “Habib-Ur-Rehman”. He has very little knowledge of internet. He has a laptop, a camera / mobile camera, I believe it is Honor 3c probably. He owns a store at that has only 40 products displayed in store. His store earning are Rs. 13000 per month in terms of profit. I by myself make money (a good amount of money) by selling products on So why don’t you take advantage of and make money online. is the best opportunity to make money online. Especially student, house wives can make money online by selling online with

Making money online with is honestly simple easy process. The following step by step guide will help you to make money online.

  • Create your free account on
  • Upload product pictures (White background, No Text)
  • Get product approval by
  • Get in contact with Account Manager
  • Get your first order, contact the buyer.
  • Ship your order on time with fastest shipment company.
  • Receive money from your shipment provider company. Easy Profits
  • Save Money and invest in buying new products. Display them on Kaymu store.
  • Repeat From step one Again & Again.

I by myself enjoy this cycle and made easy money online. In six months I have earned more than a lakh rupees profit by selling online. I will teach you all here how to make money online.

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online?

I prefer to make money online with Kaymu rather than any online method. Because of its ease of use. Even a high grade 8th / 10th student can sell products online. All you need it is to have products to sell online. You can outsource the products from your local stores or any super store near you.

Markets are full of products. You can choose any market you want profit ratio varies in many markets.

How to choose your market on

You can choose your market of business as per your interest. I prefer to sell cosmetics, accessories, toys and fashion. You can choose any of your interest. Cosmetics products can be a good start. You can browse through about what is selling online and what is not. You can choose products as per your city. My brothers from Faisalabad can sell quality cloths online. Sialkoti brothers can sell supports and leather goods online. Lahori brothers can sell anything that is available in shah alam market. So, start your journey, I welcome you in this money making business.

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