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Kaymu Pakistan is largest online store in Pakistan with 15000 sellers, yet competition is green to go for online money makers. Students, entrepreneurs of any age can list their product on and sell online. Yet there is always an issue of product approval to many Kaymu sellers.

Make Money Online At Kaymu.PK

Browsing products through Kaymu requires time and shopping cost money to buyer. Due to online competition customers have become even more discerning about how and where they spend their time and money. Kaymu business model is commission based as you know most of Kaymu categories are in 15% commission. Kaymu takes 15% of the order received and product sold on Like any other online shopping website Kaymu product display requires seller attention towards Kaymu product display. If your product is unique and has good display picture uploaded on, there is always a chance to become useful Kaymu seller.

How to Get Fast Product Approval On Kaymu.PK

Kaymu.PK has following polices regarding effective listings. There are some points that should kept in mind while uploading products pictures on

Image Resolution:

Product Images should be minimum of 500X500 pixels. It means your product image should be 500 pixels width and 500 pixels height.

Product Display:

Product picture should be focused. The whole picture should have 80% of your product. Sunset backgrounds, flowers, text on background, watermarks are not allowed on

Think like a buyer way while designing your product pictures. For example if you are seller of the cosmetics product and you are selling make up brush set then here is the example of good product display.

Kaymu Product Approval

Kaymu Product Approval

The image at right side elaborates the use of product and helps buyer to understand the use of the product.


Using your Images to Boost Your Sales

As it is said an image is worth of thousands words, you can use your images to boost your sales. For example you are going to sell a facial cleanser with cucumber fragrance. Then it would be better to add cucumber picture in the background of your product.

What are Call to Action Images?

Call to action images are those product images that trigger’s the buyer attention and start a silent shopping process in the buyer’s mind. As I mentioned in my previous pose about “How to Sell On Kaymu” and in “Product Selection To Sell Online” most people do shopping either for fun or to fulfill any need. There is no other reason for them to come at shopping site (any shopping site) fun or need. Fun or Need There are two basic triggers for shopping. So call to action images generates “a need” or “a desire to have” in the buyer’s mind and buyer buy the product. Fox example “Pack of 24 Nail Polish” will generates a trigger in the buyer’s mind. It create a desire to have 24 nail polishes. Now next comes to price the buyer’s brain will do the rest of calculation after reading the price. So make such type of listings on your Kaymu store that delivers the results and profit as well. Understanding customer behavior, displaying products according to shopping trends has never been more important for businesses in Pakistan.

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