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Kaymu Seller Center is the essential part of Kaymu.Pk. Kaymu.PK is the online marketplace. The Kaymu.Pk connects 15000 sellers and one million active buyers across Pakistan. Kaymu Business model is fairly simple. operates in the commission based module. takes active commission from the every sale you make. is active marketplace where one sale is made approx. in every minute. According to a former account manager the estimated daily sale on the is above one million in some instances.

User Behavior Study On Kaymu

Before we study Kaymu.PK commission module we analyze the user behavior rate. New visitor spends around 20 minutes on and 56% of the users buy on A Returning visitor on Kaymu.PK spends 12-14 minutes on Kaymu.PK and conversion rate is 52%. This means a returning customer buys on Kaymu.PK again as well.

Starting online business with Kaymu.PK

To start online business with, This post is very important for starting an online business with Kaymu.PK. This post will describe the Kaymu commission modules and will help you to choose product for online selling on Every new seller has three questions in the mind

  1. What to sell on
  2. How to sell on
  3. Will it be profitable to sell on Kaymu.Pk?

This post is all about Kaymu commissions.

Kaymu Commission

Kaymu Commission

Kaymu.PK commission is the amount of money that Kaymu takes on a successful sale is made. Kaymu.PK commission policy is very simple. In Kaymu Terminology Kaymu commission is called PAYE (Pay As You Earn Module). Here is the Kaymu commission’s details as per category.

  • Women’s Fashion                            15%
  • Men’s Fashion                                   15%
  • Kids & Babies                                     15%
  • Jewelry & Watches                         15%
  • Books, Arts & Entertainment      10%
  • Computers, Laptops & Gaming  15%
  • Tvs, Appliances & Cameras          10%
  • Food & Beverage                             10%
  • Health & Beauty                               15%
  • Home & Living                                   15%
  • Mobiles & Tablets                            15%
  • Smartphones                                     2%
  • Featured Phones                             5%
  • Landline Phones                               2%
  • Other Phones                                    2%
  • eBook Readers                                 2%
  • Wholesale                                           7.50%
  • Women’s Fashion                            7.50%
  • Men’s Fashion                                   7.50%
  • Kids & Babies                                     7.50%
  • Jewelry & Watches                         7.50%
  • Books, Arts & Entertainment      5%
  • Computers, Laptops & Gaming  7.50%
  • Tvs, Appliances & Cameras          2.50%
  • Food & Beverage                             5%
  • Health & Beauty                               7.50%
  • Home & Living                                   7.50%
  • Mobiles & Tablets                            7.50%
  • Sporting Goods                                 7.50%
  • Other                                                    5%

The above Kaymu commission is as per 21 February 2017. You pay commission when a successful sale is made on This is very good point Listing on Kaymu is free! However, when one of your products is sold, you will be charged a fee, depending on the category of you item. If a customer returns your product then you will not also be charged for this. The commission will be adjusted in the next month PAYE Invoice.

What If I don’t pay Kaymu Commission?

Kaymu commission invoice that is known as PAYE Invoice is generated at the 5th of each month and is payable at 16th of the same month. Any returned parcels that are returned will be entertained in the next month invoice. If you don’t pay the Kaymu commission in time, you will get a notification call from your account manager. The Kaymu account manager will give you 3-4 working day to pay the Kaymu invoice and you have to pay the invoice. If you are unable to pay the Kaymu invoice in time, you account will be delisted form the and you will be able to manager your existing orders only. Your listings will be delisted. When you will pay the Kaymu commission, your account will be restored.

So, success in is fairly simple. Listing is free, you take a product from whole seller take picture. Corp it, Photoshop it, list the product on Kaymu for free and you are done. Buyer receive the product and you get paid.

Understanding The Prices On

The final product price will be including 5% to 15% Kaymu commission and rest will be your profit. For example a beauty and cosmetics product price is 600 Rupees you will price is on Kaymu as per category commission that is 15% you will add your profit and then add 15% commission and then price it accordingly.

I am sure you will now understand the commission module of Kaymu Pakistan. I wish you a successful business in Pakistan. Subscribe our YouTube channel and blog. Enjoy Earning and Lot of Money.

Kaymu Seller Tips

Kaymu Seller Tips

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