standard Object moved to here Error, PTA blocked Websites? Or it is “hoes”

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and that here goes straight to Don’t worry it is the PTA filter that is restricting the websites and that website you are trying to access is probably listed in PTA porn filter system database.

How does actually PTA Blocks websites?

The blockage of any website has been done by keyword filtering. Keywords like “slut”, “hoes” are blocked by PTA. (This is old method to block the website) Like if you try to open


Unfortunately blocking the keywords like “hoes” also blocked websites that has shoes in their domain name. PTA filter is still effecting only the .com domain names, Websites with domain names like .net, .ws, .ae are still open.

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I think PTA should make some efforts to make their blocked page fancy with some link to provide feedback about that website.

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Error. So as announced by PTA, A good step has been take by PTA to block the porn websites that require more upgrade or system with artificial intelligence to block the websites.

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